Wedding colour schemes for 2018

Colours remain the same but the way we use them and appreciate them is constantly evolving. As we head into 2018, a range of colours and palettes are emerging as favourites for weddings and celebrations this year. Here’s our quick guide.

Lavender and lilac

Similar but distinct, these two colours offer a dusty but elegant colour palette to play with. Both are light and fresh, and the combination allows you to play around with various shades and hues without rigidly sticking to one or the other.

Wedding colour schemes for 2018

Dusty rose and green

Shocking or bright pink can be a little too bold for many, but a dusty rose combined with natural floral greens is a great way to incorporate it in a more versatile way.

Wedding colour schemes for 2018

Black, white and gold

A true wedding classic combining the simple elegance of contrasting black and white with the glamour and sparkle of gold.

Wedding colour schemes for 2018

True blues

Blues are quite limited in the natural world, at least in terms of flora and foliage so bring in your blues through fabrics and decorations. Blues can work in any season, with a range of shades reflecting different moods.

Wedding colour schemes for 2018

Vintage red and peach

Bright red is perhaps not the most natural wedding colour so this slightly offset vintage alternative lets you play with bold colours that don’t dominate everything else.

Wedding colour schemes for 2018


Season’s greetings from The Wedding Portugal

So, somehow we’re just a few days away from Christmas once again, and 2017 reaches its end. It’s been another fantastic year here at The Wedding Portugal, doing what we love best: planning and delivering stunning weddings in one of the most beautiful countries on the planet.

Season’s greetings from The Wedding Portugal

From vineyards to castles to sun-kissed beaches, our happy couples have celebrated in style throughout the year and there’s more to come in 2018.

Season’s greetings from The Wedding Portugal

If you’re thinking about tying the knot in the coming year or even beyond, then have a look at our website to find out more about the comprehensive planning services we offer, our stunning venues or to look at the gallery of the weddings we’ve staged over the last year. Get inspired by our decoration ideas, and start thinking about your own big day. Or you can get in touch to have a chat about your plans.

Season’s greetings from The Wedding Portugal

And in the meantime, have a wonderful festive season full of joy, love and happiness.

Christmas wedding in Portugal

OK, so it might be a little early to get into the Christmas spirit. But with only a month to go, it’s worth thinking about your plans. Here in Portugal, we do things a little differently over the festive period, but it’s just as magical. If you’re planning a Christmas wedding for 2018 (it’s a little late for this year) then here are a few things you can expect.

Christmas wedding in Portugal

Don’t worry, Father Christmas (or Pai Natal as he’s called here) still visits on Christmas eve so you’ll have plenty of gifts to open. However, the Portuguese celebrate their traditional Christmas meal – called Consoada – on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day.

As you might expect, the dish consists of cod (what else?) with potatoes and vegetables. This is sometimes followed by shellfish and other expensive treats.

Christmas wedding in Portugal

Christmas trees were only really introduced to Portugal in the 1970s but have become a firm family favourite. And, being a Catholic country, the nativity scene and story play a big part. Many people still go to mass after dinner on the 24th before returning home to open their gifts.

The traditional Christmas cake is called Bolo do Rei, or King’s Cake. Plenty of port goes around, and everyone indulges in a few azevias of felhozes – traditional sweet treats.


After Christmas (never before) people will go from house to house singing the Janeiras – January songs. The singers are treated to gifts of snacks, like dry figs, chorizo and cheese. Careful, as if you don’t offer them snacks, they might sing songs about you (but it’s all in good fun).

Christmas wedding in Portugal

As is the case all over the world, Christmas in Portugal is a time for family fun, tradition and generosity. So if you’re planning a winter wedding, you’re in for a real treat.

2018 wedding trends

Ok, so we’re still not done with 2017 but look around you at the shops and you’ll notice Christmas decorations everywhere. And with the festive period fast approaching, it also means that the New Year is just around the corner. Besides, it’s never too early to start planning your wedding. In fact, maybe we should be focusing on 2019?

But for now, here are some top ideas for wedding trends for 2018 to give you a little inspiration.

Navy is the new black

Instead of the classic black and white theme, many brides and grooms are opting for a classic dark blue. Navy for bridesmaids dresses is also going to be big.

2018 wedding trends

Formal is back

Over recent years there has been a lean toward more informal weddings. But in 2018 informal is back. Tuxedos, classical flowers and more. Just remember that formal doesn’t have to mean stuffy.

2018 wedding trends

Unique food

Moving away from traditional wedding fare, couples are looking at roll your own sushi, Korean barbeques and even more exotic food to make their wedding stand out.

2018 wedding trends

Statement desserts

As well as the main meal, puddings are big in 2018. Of course, the wedding cake is a main attraction but don’t forget about the dessert, and be creative.

2018 wedding trends

Winter wedding ideas and inspiration

As the autumn slowly comes to end giving way to winter, there’s a whole new season of weddings on the horizon. If you’re tying the knot at this time of year, there‘s a whole load of wedding ideas and inspiration to make your winter stand out. Here are just a few of our favourites.

Frozen flowers

Every wedding needs flowers. Every wedding needs ice. Why not combine the two in an eye catching ice sculpture complete with incorporated flowers? It’s a real show stopper, and practical too (sort of) if you create sculptures with a purpose, such as champagne ice buckets.

Winter wedding ideas and inspiration

Winter textures

Warm and wintry textures such as velvet and leather help to give your wedding luxurious feel. Choose winter colours such as burgundy and dark green, and be creative with where you use it. Think ring boxes, grooms outfits, bouquet wraps and more.

Winter wedding ideas and inspiration

Hot drinks

Keep your guests warm, cosy and in the mood with a selection of hot drinks. This could be everything from hot chocolate to something a little more fun, such as hot toddies or mulled wine and cider.

Winter wedding ideas and inspiration

Winter escapes

A true white wedding complete with snow can be incredibly romantic but the chances are you’ll get grey, miserable and rain. So why not plan a winter wedding escape here in Portugal where even in deepest, darkest December you’ll get endless sunshine and mild temperatures. Sounds tempting doesn’t it?

Winter wedding ideas and inspiration

Why get married in: Sintra

Once the home of Portugal’s kings and queens, the village of Sintra is one of the most unique destinations in the country. Nestled at the feet of the Sintra mountains, this forested village is home to some of the most unusual buildings including pastel coloured palaces and ancient Moorish castles.

Why get married in: Sintra

Sintra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and with its palaces, mansions and monasteries, is the perfect destination for a romantic Portuguese wedding. It’s also close to Lisbon as well as the Atlantic coast. Cabo da Roca, the most westerly point in Europe is just a few miles away, with its stunning views of the rugged coast.

Why get married in: Sintra

Sintra is also well known for its gastronomy, with traditional dishes such as suckling pig, as well as sublime seafood readily available.

Why get married in: Sintra

With so much architectural heritage, an incredible selection of wedding venues and an enviable location, Sintra is one of the most popular locations for Portuguese weddings. Is it any wonder that Lord Byron referred to the place as a ‘glorious Eden’? When you visit the lush gardens and majestic mansions it’s easy to see why.

Why get married in: Sintra

The beauty of Portuguese autumn weddings

Blessed with one of the best climates in Europe and countless hours of summer sun, the June to August season is always popular for weddings in Portugal. However, even outside of the high season, there are plenty of reasons to get married here.

The beauty of Portuguese autumn weddings

The months of September to November are when the harvests take place, when villages across the country hum with activity as people pick grapes to make wine and olives to make oil. These were traditionally times of celebration and with the weather still often remaining sunny and warm for weeks on end, it can be a beautiful time to have a wedding.

The beauty of Portuguese autumn weddings

After the scorching summer, the cooler autumn temperature and showers bring life back to the ground, with lush green colours returning and ripening of many fruits. This means there’s an abundance of natural autumn foliage with which to decorate your wedding venue. If you’re looking to source food locally, this is also a bountiful time of year.

The beauty of Portuguese autumn weddings

The colours, weather, food, and if we’re being totally honest, affordability, of Portuguese autumn weddings make them a very attractive proposal. And with less competition for venues, you can get the weeding of your dreams at a truly beautiful time of year.

Inspired wedding table ideas for an unforgettable feast

The main event of any wedding is the moment the bride and groom say ‘I do’. Of course it is. But then again, as a guest, what you’re really looking forward to is an incredible meal in beautiful surroundings with lovely people. Taking nothing away from the happy couple, obviously. Which is why putting a lot of thought and effort into your tables can help to make this even more special.

So here is a handful of really great wedding table ideas, some inspired by the beautiful Portuguese landscapes all around.


From pine trees to eucalyptus and cactuses, all around you in Portugal is stunning greenery that can be used to dress any table. Don’t forget about the olive branches that cover the countryside from north to south.

Inspired wedding table ideas for an unforgettable feast


As the evening wears on, having candles and even table lamps can help to create an atmosphere conducive to good times. Choose styles that suit your overall design theme.

Inspired wedding table ideas for an unforgettable feast

Coloured glassware

Experiment with adding colour in different ways, with glassware and crockery that matches your tones.

Inspired wedding table ideas for an unforgettable feast

Think about the table itself

Why dress the table too much when it can be the star of the show? Think chunky wood tables and chairs for a natural option that looks beautiful too.

Inspired wedding table ideas for an unforgettable feast

Look up

Create space and add another dimension by hanging flowers and centrepieces above the table. That way everyone can see each other and you can create eye catching displays that don’t get in the way.

Inspired wedding table ideas for an unforgettable feast

Five Portuguese wedding traditions that will make your day even more special

If you’ve made the superb decision (not that we’re biased, obviously) of getting married in Portugal, there are plenty of things to look forward to. Great food, beautiful sunshine and a whole range of stunning venues make Portuguese weddings some of the best in the world (again, we’re being completely impartial). But there are also some Portuguese wedding traditions that will make your day even more special.

Walk to the church

In many small villages and towns, it’s customary for the bride to walk to the ceremony in the church accompanied by her wedding party and important guests. So bring your hiking boots.

Five Portuguese wedding traditions that will make your day even more special

Passing the shoes

At the reception, the bride takes off her shoe and passes it round for guests to stuff with money to launch the happy couple on their new life. So maybe go for a size or two bigger than usual when choosing footwear.

Money dance

This is when young single men pay money to dance with the new bride. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as weird as it sounds.

Five Portuguese wedding traditions that will make your day even more special

Slice of luck

The first slice of cake is usually given to a single friend to bring them luck in love.

Five Portuguese wedding traditions that will make your day even more special

Great escape

Towards the end of the night, the newly weds are expected to try and escape their own reception to spend their first night together. Not so easy when everyone wants to talk to you/pay you to dance.

Five Portuguese wedding traditions that will make your day even more special

Top 5 vintage wedding trends for 2017

Vintage weddings just never seem to go out of style. There’s something about the past that resonates in the present, and a vintage style can create a timeless feel that won’t date. So if you want a wedding where you won’t look back in 20 years time and wonder at what you were wearing, here are five vintage trends to try.

Mismatched grooms

Rather than the groom party all wearing the same suit, why not mix and match while sticking to one colour scheme. Just make sure the groom stands out.

Classic materials

Velvet and marble are just two examples of vintage materials that add a touch of glamour and luxury to your big day.


The Pantone colour of 2017 and an effective and, we might add, affordable way of dressing your wedding in an elegant way.

Glamorous wedding centerpiece

Flowers and floral

From lush arrangements to floral prints, flowers in a vintage style are big for 2017.

Top 5 vintage wedding trends for 2017

Drizzle cakes

If icing is a bit much for your palate, then leave your cake undressed and drizzle some delicious colour and texture to the top.

Top 5 vintage wedding trends for 2017