The best alternative wedding venues

Some brides-to-be dream about getting married in a castle. For other couples the beach wedding is the dream. Both of those boxes are well and truly ticked here in Portugal. But we’re also blessed with a huge array of other, more unusual venues that with a bit of imagination and creative styling, can also make unforgettable wedding venues.

Alternative wedding venues

Hippy heaven

How about eschewing convention and the modern world and getting married in a yurt or tepee. Essentially, it’s the same as a marquee but with a touch more bohemian charm. Yurts can be beautiful, and you and your guests can also get to make full use of the stunning Portuguese countryside.

Industrial spaces

Portugal, like most of western Europe, has moved away from its industrial heritage. But it has left behind some incredible architecture. These spaces are often vast, feature interesting design and come at a fraction of the cost of more traditional spaces. And with then right design they can be really eye-catching.

Alternative wedding venues

Farms and vineyards

Here in Portugal, rural life still continues as it has done for centuries. And there are plenty of beautiful farms and vineyards that have all the facilities you need for a rustic wedding celebration.

Alternative wedding venues



Imagine getting married surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful artwork or important historical artefacts. Portuguese culture extends back centuries, and its museum buildings are some of the most beautiful in the world.

Alternative wedding venues


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