5 ways to go green in 2017

If you think about it, getting married is all about sustainability. You’re making plans for a long term future that provides the best possible world for you and any potential little yous that might come along.

So, it’s no surprise that in 2017 having a green wedding is more important than ever. So what are the five best ways of looking after Mother Nature this year?

Think about the trees

5 ways to go green in 2017

There’s a lot of admin that goes with a wedding, not least countless invitations. So why not use the technology available and keep it all online. A website and email invitations can be just as stylish.

Go local

5 ways to go green in 2017

Keep your wedding miles low by sourcing food and flowers from close by. Plus, seasonal and organic food is a great way to keep things tasty.

Eco-friendly outfits

5 ways to go green in 2017

There are plenty of eco friendly designers out there for both dresses and suits. And if you choose a gown that you can wear again, then you’ll also be reducing your footprint.

Green favour

5 ways to go green in 2017

Usable favours are another way of keeping it green. Think about favours that you can plant or at least that won’t end up in the garbage.

Wedding list donations

The wedding gift list is becoming a thing of the past. With most couples already happily set up in homes, a new toaster is not such a good gift. Encourage your guests rather to donate to a charity of your choosing.


5 reasons to have an intimate wedding

Big isn’t always better. For more and more couples, inviting that weird guy from your fiancé’s work isn’t necessarily part of the most special day of their lives. Sometimes keeping it small but doing it really well is the better option.

Here are five reasons why.

Only invite your nearest and dearest

When you start compiling your guest list, it can get out of hand. If one set of distant cousins is invited, the other bunch have to come to. So why not keep it lean and invite the people you really want to celebrate with you. Close friends and immediate family only.

5 reasons to have an intimate wedding

Feel more relaxed

This a big day but you want to enjoy it too. After all, it’s your party. So why spend hours having the same conversation with hundreds of people? Fewer people means more time with the ones you love.

5 reasons to have an intimate wedding


Spreading your budget too thin means the quality is diluted. Focus it more clearly and you can splash out on things you really want.

5 reasons to have an intimate wedding

Freedom to customise

Bigger weddings mean there’s less scope to put your own stamp on it. Keep it small and you’ve got compete control over the details.

5 reasons to have an intimate wedding

More options

There are only so many beautiful venues that can hold 300 people – even in Portugal. With a smaller guest list you can expand your event horizons.

5 reasons to have an intimate wedding

Why you need a wedding website

When planning a wedding, especially a wedding abroad, you’ll find that everyone wants answers. What time does the ceremony start? What are the best local hotels? Can I bring my dog? (Believe us, this does happen).

Why you need a wedding website

And when you’re focusing on creating the perfect wedding, you’ve just not got the time to answer everyone’s questions. Especially when all the information is already in the invite.

Why you need a wedding website

This is when a wedding website is invaluable. It’s the perfect place to put all the relevant info your guests might want. Times, gift lists, dress codes – anything to do with the wedding, get it online.

Why you need a wedding website

And don’t be put off by the tech side of things. These days there are plenty of template web design sites you can use to easily create your site. Use sites like Squarespace, WordPress and Wix to choose your style, pick your colour scheme and hey presto, it’s done.

Why you need a wedding website

You can use it as an online RSVP, share more details about the wedding, share your story and even provide updated about the weather. Although here in Portugal it’s almost always sunny.

So, make your site, keep people in the loop and let people know whether it’s ok to bring their four-legged friends – amongst other things.

How to create your modern minimalist wedding

Less is more, or so the saying goes. But for 2017 weddings it’s definitely true. This year you should try to avoid ostentatious ceremonies, overly frilly dresses, floral overkill and keep things, simple, chic and sophisticated.

Think minimal. Keep the dress soft and feminine, with long straight lines. Let the small details have a big impact.

How to create your modern minimalist wedding

For flowers, choose one or two favourites and build your displays around these.

How to create your modern minimalist wedding

Carry on the theme across the wedding, with uncluttered tabled settings and elegant invitations.

How to create your modern minimalist wedding

You should also try and stick to a limited colour palette. Think neutral tones and try and avoid big bold colours or clashes.

How to create your modern minimalist wedding

Think about creating one big design statement rather than lots of little ones. People don’t always remember the centrepieces but they will recall a room lit up with hundreds of candles as a lighting statement.

How to create your modern minimalist wedding

Ideally, you want your carefully chose details to stand out, not get lost amongst all the bling and glitz. It’s all too easy to get carried away, but remember to keep your design choices simple.