Wedding planning: A la carte vs package deals

If you’re planning a wedding, especially one abroad, you’re going to need some help. That generally comes in two forms. One is a wedding package, provided by a venue and built around a set wedding plan. The other is hiring a wedding planner and working together to create your own special day. Each has its plus points and drawbacks, so lets have a closer look at which might be best for you.

Wedding planning: A la carte vs package deals

Wedding planner

The pros are that you get a personalised service and a professional working with you to achieve your vision. Every detail is considered and you get to hand craft your venue, food, decoration and entertainment options according to your needs.

Wedding planning: A la carte vs package deals

The downside is that this obviously costs more because everything is not being provided on one package, which enables a more streamlined and cheaper service. But with weddings, as with everything else, you get what you pay for.

Package deals

Wedding planning: A la carte vs package deals

As mentioned, you get a lot for your money but is quantity always better than quality? It’s probably more time efficient too as your chosen package suppliers will take care of everything. So if you’re not concerned about the detail and trust them to deliver a wedding that meets you expectations, then it could be a good option. Package deals also lack a little of the uniqueness that makes weddings so special.

Wedding planning: A la carte vs package deals

Ultimately your choice depends on many factors, including budget, time, preference and more. But we know which one we would choose – not that we’re biased obviously.


Top 5 vintage wedding ideas

Your wedding day is a in essence a celebration of your future together. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also plan a day that looks back at the past. Vintage wedding ideas can give your special day a little touch of something different. Here are five vintage inspired ideas to help make your wedding even more unique.

Vintage band

Music plays a big part in any celebration, and by choosing the right band you can create a whole tone and atmosphere. Think trad jazz, smooth swing or even 50s rock roll and you can create a mood for the whole day.

Top 5 vintage wedding ideas

Wedding car

Arrive in style in a classic car from the past. Choose an elegant 1920s open backed carriage, a 70s sports coupe or an iconic 50s Rolls.

Top 5 vintage wedding ideas

Retro centrepieces

Add some vintage chic to your table designs with retro-inspired centrepieces. Think piles of leather bound books, classic typewriters, antique vases. It’s a great way to be creative.

Mix and match

Mis-matched retro china from a junk store can be a great way to add some vintage style to your tables. The beauty of vintage items is that they have their own charm and can look good in a variety of settings.

Top 5 vintage wedding ideas


Another major benefit of vintage ideas is that you can repurpose items them for your needs. Think old suitcases as a gift basket, old birdcages as centrepieces. It’s a great chance to use your imagination.

Top 5 vintage wedding ideas.

Five reasons you need a wedding website

The wedding is booked. You’ve got a wedding planner in place (hopefully that’s us) and the reception is all planned out. What’s left to do? Get yourself a wedding website, that’s what. Creating your online space is a must for any 21st century couple. Here are five excellent reasons why.

Info hub

There’s a lot of information to give your guests. So why not save paper (and the planet) and put it all online for them to check at their leisure?

Five reasons you need a wedding website

Avoid the questions

Your wedding day will be beautiful and fun. But also stressful. Especially if loads of guests get in touch to ask you the same questions. So why not create a website that hosts all the relevant information that your guests might need, so that they don’t all bother you.

Five reasons you need a wedding website


Sometimes plans change of course, and rather than sending out individual updates you can simply update your site with all the new plans.

Five reasons you need a wedding website

Share your story

Not everyone coming to the big day will know all about you, your partner, or your love story. So this is a great place to share it.

Five reasons you need a wedding website

Easy RSVPs

Getting sent several dozen or hundred RSVPs can be a bit of a fuss. So why not streamline your responses? And it makes it easy for guests to click whether they’re coming or not.

Five reasons you need a wedding website

Why choose a spring wedding?

It might not feel like it but winter is coming to an end. Freezing temperatures and icy winds will soon be replaced by bright sunny mornings and leaves on the trees. That’s right, spring is coming. And in celebration of the natural world coming back to life, we’ve come up with five great reasons to get married in the springtime.


Winter is drab, grey and dark. But something incredible happens in spring. The colour returns. Think of spring and you think daffodils and bluebells. So why not incorporate these natural spring colours into your wedding?

Why choose a spring wedding?

Longer days

The evenings grow longer, and when the clocks change, it’s an extra couple of hours of light. So you and your guests can enjoy the sunshine for that little bit longer.

Why choose a spring wedding?

Warmer weather

Winter weddings can look spectacular but no one really wants to be standing around in the freezing cold wearing nothing but a wedding dress. In spring, things have thankfully warmed up a bit, which means its possible to spend some time outside. Especially here in Portugal, where spring means hours of sunshine and warm breezes.

Why choose a spring wedding?


Embrace the beauty of spring by using flowers or the blooming natural world in your pictures. Surround yourself with flowers and foliage, and make good use of the crisp spring light to bring out your good side.

Why choose a spring wedding?

Wedding fashion

Combine bright and bold spring colours with flowers to make a big wedding statement. Think flower crowns and head dresses, and the groom party can add a bit of colour too.

Why choose a spring wedding?

Getting married abroad? Why you need a wedding planner

Having your wedding abroad is a great way to inject an extra level of excitement and glamour into the best day of your life. But, given than planning any wedding is a mammoth task, doing so in another country is an even bigger challenge. Which is why you need a local wedding planner to help things go smoothly.

Getting married abroad? Why you need a wedding planner

Overcoming the language barrier

This is perhaps the most fundamental problem when tying the knot on foreign shores. But a wedding planner who not only speaks your language (in more ways than one) but can communicate in the local tongue is essential. After all, a breakdown in communication could lead to things all unravelling on the big day.

Getting married abroad? Why you need a wedding planner

Local knowledge

You might have visited your dream wedding destination before. You might even be very familiar with the city or region, but only real local knowledge will let you into its secrets. A local wedding planner will have the inside info in the best venues, suppliers, florists and more. Which will save you valuable time and money when sourcing.

Getting married abroad? Why you need a wedding planner


Travel can be stressful. Organising a wedding is probably the most stressful thing you’ll ever do. But you can avoid it all by using a wedding planner to take on most of the burden. All that’s left for you to do is make sure you get to the airport on time.

Getting married abroad? Why you need a wedding planner

If you’ve ever wanted to have your dream wedding right here in beautiful Portugal, then get in touch to find out more about how easy we can make it.

Ready or knot: How to make wedding savings

Your wedding should be the most special day of your life, filled with joy, laughter, romance and much more. But it’s also a reality that dream weddings come at a cost. However, there are certain ways you can save money before the big day that will help to keep your budget big enough to get everything you’ve ever wanted.

Ready or knot: How to make wedding savings

Stay away from Saturday

More or less everyone wants to get married on a weekend because it’s easier for guests to attend. But depending on where you’re holding your wedding and who is coming, tying the knot on another day of the week makes much better financial sense. Why limit yourself to one day out of seven?

Ready or knot: How to make wedding savings

Avoid high season

Just as above, everyone wants to get married in the middle of summer to stand the best chance of getting beautiful weather. So unsurprisingly, venues put their costs up in a bog way for the summer season.

Use your own vendors

Venues that provide their own vendors often do so at huge mark-ups. So try and choose a venue that lets you arrange your own food, drink and more. It’s a great way of saving money.

Ready or knot: How to make wedding savings

Combine your service and reception space

Why drag guests from one venue to another when there are plenty of great places where you can do both?

Ready or knot: How to make wedding savings

Hire a wedding planner

A planner will help you find suitable venues, draw upon a vast contact network to get you great deals and knows the real value of goods and services.


Here in Portugal there’s a huge choice of wedding venues from beaches, to castles to olive groves. Plus, as the sunniest country in Europe you stand a much better chance of getting the perfect weather.

Ready or knot: How to make wedding savings

Top five wedding planning mistakes to avoid

We like to think we know a thing or two about planning weddings. With years of experience you start to learn how to plan events that flow and go off without a hitch. Of course, with experience you also learn what not to do. So, we’ve tried to highlight five of the most common mistakes in an effort to help you avoid them.

Write the guest list first

The guest list is the ultimate wedding planning guide, around which everything else can be built. Making decisions when it’s not confirmed can lead to all sorts of problems. With a guest list set in stone, you have a firm idea of numbers, personnel and any special requirements.

Top five wedding planning mistakes

Blowing the budget

Budgets can get used up quickly. So, if you’re not keeping an eye on it, it’ll be gone before you know it. If you’ve never planned or project managed a big event before, keeping on top of the budget can prove tricky.

Top five wedding planning mistakes

Leaving things to the last minute

Putting off anything – the little jobs – to the last minute is never a good idea. Aim to have everything done days before the wedding, that way you have a contingency for the inevitable issues that will arise.

Top five wedding planning mistakes

Changing your mind

Switching your colour scheme two months before the wedding is going to create a huge amount of work. So, make sure you are 100% happy with your choices before you set wheels in motion.

Top five wedding planning mistakes

Not getting a planner

As you can tell from the above, there’s a lot that can go wrong on or before the big day. Which is why we always recommend not trying to tackle it all by yourself. Wedding planners can help you create and deliver a flawless wedding that you can enjoy and remember forever.


Top five wedding planning mistakes

Wedding colour schemes for 2018

Colours remain the same but the way we use them and appreciate them is constantly evolving. As we head into 2018, a range of colours and palettes are emerging as favourites for weddings and celebrations this year. Here’s our quick guide.

Lavender and lilac

Similar but distinct, these two colours offer a dusty but elegant colour palette to play with. Both are light and fresh, and the combination allows you to play around with various shades and hues without rigidly sticking to one or the other.

Wedding colour schemes for 2018

Dusty rose and green

Shocking or bright pink can be a little too bold for many, but a dusty rose combined with natural floral greens is a great way to incorporate it in a more versatile way.

Wedding colour schemes for 2018

Black, white and gold

A true wedding classic combining the simple elegance of contrasting black and white with the glamour and sparkle of gold.

Wedding colour schemes for 2018

True blues

Blues are quite limited in the natural world, at least in terms of flora and foliage so bring in your blues through fabrics and decorations. Blues can work in any season, with a range of shades reflecting different moods.

Wedding colour schemes for 2018

Vintage red and peach

Bright red is perhaps not the most natural wedding colour so this slightly offset vintage alternative lets you play with bold colours that don’t dominate everything else.

Wedding colour schemes for 2018

Five more reasons you need a wedding planner

In last week’s blog, we detailed five very good reasons why you should always enlist the help of a wedding planner. But you didn’t thing we were done there did you? We could go on for weeks. But for now, here are five more very convincing ways a planner can help.

A useful advocate

Weddings can involve a healthy dose of politics. There are plenty of vested interests and not everyone shares the same ideas. A wedding planner can be a very useful mediator in tricky situations. Need someone to tell the mother in law to stop meddling? Then a planner has the skills and authority to do it without hurting anyone’s feelings.


Five more reasons you need a wedding planner

Save money

We mentioned in last week’s post that a planner can help you bring it on budget. But did you know they could actually help you save money? Planners have contact networks that can actually save back the money you spend on them, making them an essential wedding tool.

Five more reasons you need a wedding planner


Planners also know which vendors, services and venues you can trust to deliver exactly what you want. If you’re planning by yourself then it’s always a gamble using service providers you have no prior experience with.

Five more reasons you need a wedding planner


Your wedding experience should be one you enjoy and remember fondly. A planner can make this happen, ensuring that you and your partner are happy and relaxed throughout the process.

Five more reasons you need a wedding planner


Planners are expert listeners, knowing that it’s your vision that needs to be realised. They’ll take note of what you want, helping you to realise your dream.

Five more reasons you need a wedding planner

Five reasons why you need a wedding planner

Now, it might come as no surprise that we think that a wedding planner is an essential part of any truly magical wedding. But if you still don’t want to believe us, here are five very good reasons why we wedding planners are indispensable.


Unless you’re incredibly lucky, you probably have a budget for your wedding. Any when you start the planning process you will almost certainly realise that it won’t go as far as you’d like. That is, unless you have a wedding planner keeping on top of every penny, sourcing deals and using their extensive contact network to bring your wedding in on budget.

Five reasons why you need a wedding planner


Your wedding day is supposed to be the best of your life. So do you really want to spend it worrying about why the caterers are late or why the tables have ben set up in the wrong place? Let a planner handle the details, leaving your free to enjoy your big day.

Five reasons why you need a wedding planner


Once you and your planner have agreed upon your wedding ideas, they’ll fight tooth and nail to make sure you get everything exactly as you want it. Planners have a knack of being able to persuade venue managers, catering bosses and others that what you want is really the best thing for everyone. (Just don’t ask us how we do it).

Five reasons why you need a wedding planner


During the course of your wedding day there are a thousand things that can go wrong. And it only needs one to happen for the whole thing to be derailed. Your planner will be there , keeping all the plates spinning so everything goes off with bang (and at the right time).

Five reasons why you need a wedding planner


This may or may not be your first wedding (although with any luck it will be your last). But the chances are you’ve done this once or twice before at most, if it’s not completely new to you. A wedding planner will have done this several or more times a year, every year, perhaps even for decades. So, they’ve got the right experience. And believe us, it really, really helps.

Five reasons why you need a wedding planner