The best wedding guest book ideas

As well as your wedding photos and what you can physically remember (which may be affected by how much champagne you guzzle during the day) one of the best mementos is the guestbook. This gives your guests a chance to tell you how beautiful you look and how you’re wedding was the best they’ve ever been to (whether they mean it or not).

The best wedding guest book ideas

So, to help you keep a lasting record of who was there and who wasn’t (trust us, it’s harder than it looks to remember), here are some top guest book ideas.

Thumb print guest book

Start with a bare tree and let your guests create leaves using their thumb prints from coloured ink, signing their name next to it. Also handy if any crimes are committed during the day and fingerprint evidence is needed.

The best wedding guest book ideas

Stamp or signature trees

If you want to avoid the whole genetic information collecting argument or having inky thumbprints all over your dress, use a stamp to make the leaves. Or even just let your guests sign individual leaves.

The best wedding guest book ideas

Anniversary wine bottles

For a guest book that keeps on giving, have guests sign wine bottles that you can drink to remember your special day down the years.

The best wedding guest book ideas

Custom cards

Let your guests get creative filling in a card in their own special way. You can also use this to collect names and addresses which will help when it’s thank you card writing time. Clever, clever.

The best wedding guest book ideas

Fill in the blanks

Rather than letting slightly tipsy guests scrawl nonsense, direct their messages with some fill in the blank cards with appropriate spaces for messages (just avoid it being too much like a tax return).

The best wedding guest book ideas

Wishing tree

Let your guests write out wishes and hang them on a tree, which also creates an instant wedding decoration.

The best wedding guest book ideas

Message in a bottle

Let your guests write their messages and seal them in a bottle to be opened in the future. Like having lots of mini time capsules from the best day of your life.

The best wedding guest book ideas

Jigsaw time

Get guests to write messages on individual pieces of a jigsaw. Then you can piece them all together after the wedding.

The best wedding guest book ideas

Rocking out

Have guests write messages on smooth river rocks (spray them afterwards to preserve the writing) and arrange them to make a great garden or home feature.

The best wedding guest book ideas


Top tips for planning a honeymoon

Once the wedding is over, that’s not (almost unbelievably) the end of the planning. You’ve also got to think about the honeymoon. Don’t underestimate how much there is to think about, after all, this is supposed to be the best trip ever – a real once in a lifetime deal.

Top tips for planning a honeymoon

So here’s what you need to think about.

Be honest

Talk openly about what you really want from a honeymoon. The last thing you need to is to try too hard to make each other happy and end up with something neither of you really wants.

Top tips for planning a honeymoon

Think big

This is your chance to do something you’ve always dreamed of. After this, you’ll settle into married life, there might be kids and the opportunity might never come round again.

Top tips for planning a honeymoon

Somewhere new for both of you

Never go back to somewhere one or both of you have been before. This is about going on a completely new adventure together, a symbol of your new life to come.

Top tips for planning a honeymoon

Go big on the room

Don’t skimp on the details. Get the biggest and best room. Eat at the fanciest restaurants. If you can’t enjoy it now then when can you?

Top tips for planning a honeymoon

Have fun

Go with the right frame of mind. Say yes to everything, try new experiences and keep an open mind. You never know what you might discover about yourselves and each other.

Top tips for planning a honeymoon


Don’t worry, be happy. Go with the flow and don’t let anything get in the way of having a great time. After all the stress of the wedding, give your mind and body some breathing space

Top tips for planning a honeymoon

Be creative

Think dinner on the beach and romantic horse rides. This is about creating memories that will last for ever.

Top tips for planning a honeymoon

Share the love

This might be your special trip but nothing makes you feel better about yourselves than sharing the love. Volunteer, donate to good local causes and help out your dream destination if you can.

Top tips for planning a honeymoon

Bring back something special

Avoid the tacky stuff but a special souvenir (think paintings, artworks, even tattoos – ok, maybe not tattoos) will help you remember your trip for ever.

Bridal budget: The hidden costs of weddings

Your wedding day will (hopefully) be the best day of your life. But you should get one thing straight from the start – it’s probably going to cost you. Even the smallest, most intimate and stripped down weddings end up setting you back, and it’s largely because planning a day as important as this comes with some hidden costs.

Bridal budget: The hidden costs of weddings

You can plan a venue, food and drink, transport, even the dress but that’s only scratching the surface. There are some big things that you should always include in your budget and a whole load more you’ve probably never even thought about. Including…

Hair and beauty

Besides the bride’s hair and makeup on the day, you might also want to think about trial runs and even a last minute contingency (things have a habit of not going to plan). Then you need to times that by all your bridesmaids and you’ll be getting close to your final figure.

Bridal budget: The hidden costs of weddings


A beautiful venue like those available here in Portugal is one thing, but it will always need some dressing. Think flowers and fabrics, as well as dresses (and everything that’s underneath). Then there’s the day after outfits to think about too.

Bridal budget: The hidden costs of weddings

On the day

It’s not just the wedding breakfast you have to shell out for. You need to keep your guests fed and watered all day. Food and drink stations, free bars, corkage – it all adds up.

Bridal budget: The hidden costs of weddings

Then there’s photographers, cakes and an emergency fund (especially if you’re getting married outside).

Added extras

Invitations are an obvious cost but have you thought about stamps? Your honeymoon will cost you but have you renewed your passport? And after it’s all over, nothing says how much you appreciate it all than a thank you note.

Bridal budget: The hidden costs of weddings

It’s a lot to think about. And even more to pay for. No wonder having a wedding planner to take care of the details is becoming ever more essential.