You better put a ring on it

Donuts are one wedding trend that doesn’t look like going stale. These versatile sweet treats can be used for a range of wedding occasions – with plenty of different styles, shapes and flavours. And, of course, let’s not ignore the ring shaped significance on our special day. No longer just for off duty New York City cops – donuts are a wedding treat for everyone.

The donut bar

Everyone likes different kinds of donuts, so let them choose with a donut bar featuring all styles of donuts and decorations. This is sure to be a hit at any wedding.

Donut bar


Why not make the donut the centre of attention, with great colours and shapes making eye catching (and mouth watering) centrepieces?

You better put a ring on it


Send your guests away happy with a boxed donut treat. It’s a sweet way to say thanks for coming.

You better put a ring on it

Bridal shower or hen party

These are occasions when you can let go, and the wedding diet goes out the window for a few hours. What better way to treat yourself than with some sugary goodness.

You better put a ring on it

Wedding cake

Not a fan of traditional wedding cake? Then why not build your wedding tower out of donuts – using all shapes, sizes and flavours? That’s one cake you’ll really want to cut into.

You better put a ring on it


Kill two birds with one stone – decorate your venue with donuts. Hang them from the ceiling, create colourful arrangements or even build mini sculptures using these delicious sweet bricks.

You better put a ring on it


Choosing your vows: How to find the right words?

Planning your wedding can throw up all sorts of challenges – believe us, we know better than most. Picking the venue, choosing the food, sampling the wine (ok that bit’s not so tough). But one of the most unexpected difficulties is finding the right words on the day.

Choosing your vows: How to find the right words?

As well as choosing appropriate readings that find the right balance between sentimentality, humour and good taste, you have to find words to say to each other.

Choosing your vows: How to find the right words?

OK, so you could just go for the traditional wedding vows – sickness, health and all that jazz. They’re pretty good at summing up what it means to be married. But even if you don’t write your own vows, choosing readings to express your emotion can be just as tough.

Choosing your vows: How to find the right words?

You could pick a favourite poem or song lyrics. There might even be a passage from a book that you particularly love. The important thing is to make it personal. This is your ultimate expression of feeling for your new life partner so it’s worth thinking about the message you want to send.

Choosing your vows: How to find the right words?

Don’t be scared to think outside the box or go for the funny bone. It’s not unknown for couples to read out there love letters or even text messages from back when they met. Basically, if you think it suits your personality and is the right way to express what you want to say – then go for it.