How to choose your wedding music

A wedding is, at its most basic, a celebration. And every celebration needs music. That’s why it’s such an important part of the big day. From creating mood and atmosphere to getting people on their feet and dancing – different parts of the day require different tunes. So how do you go about choosing your wedding music?

Here’s a quick look at some of your options:

The DJ

Spinning some stone cold classic on the wheels of steel late into the evening, even gran is up and dancing. The wedding DJ is a firm favourite because they can play tunes you all know and love, with a back catalogue that includes all recorded music. Not so good for walking down the aisle though.

How to choose your wedding music

String quartet

Romantic, elegant and sophisticated. Just imagine walking down the aisle to Bach. It’s also a great option for playing throughout drinks and dinner. Although, even though they might be supreme musicians, it’s hard to get a party started with a cello.

How to choose your wedding music

Full band

Choose your style – folk, rock, funk, heavy metal? – and then get band to rock your party all night long. The force of a full band gives your wedding a real festival and fun time feel. And they can even scale it back for some more atmospheric playing throughout the day. But some bands can have a limited set list. And we really don’t recommend heavy metal for a wedding. Not unless you want your guests to go home with a stiff neck from all the head banging.

How to choose your wedding music


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