How to choose your wedding music

A wedding is, at its most basic, a celebration. And every celebration needs music. That’s why it’s such an important part of the big day. From creating mood and atmosphere to getting people on their feet and dancing – different parts of the day require different tunes. So how do you go about choosing your wedding music?

Here’s a quick look at some of your options:

The DJ

Spinning some stone cold classic on the wheels of steel late into the evening, even gran is up and dancing. The wedding DJ is a firm favourite because they can play tunes you all know and love, with a back catalogue that includes all recorded music. Not so good for walking down the aisle though.

How to choose your wedding music

String quartet

Romantic, elegant and sophisticated. Just imagine walking down the aisle to Bach. It’s also a great option for playing throughout drinks and dinner. Although, even though they might be supreme musicians, it’s hard to get a party started with a cello.

How to choose your wedding music

Full band

Choose your style – folk, rock, funk, heavy metal? – and then get band to rock your party all night long. The force of a full band gives your wedding a real festival and fun time feel. And they can even scale it back for some more atmospheric playing throughout the day. But some bands can have a limited set list. And we really don’t recommend heavy metal for a wedding. Not unless you want your guests to go home with a stiff neck from all the head banging.

How to choose your wedding music


Why choose a spring wedding?

It might not feel like it but winter is coming to an end. Freezing temperatures and icy winds will soon be replaced by bright sunny mornings and leaves on the trees. That’s right, spring is coming. And in celebration of the natural world coming back to life, we’ve come up with five great reasons to get married in the springtime.


Winter is drab, grey and dark. But something incredible happens in spring. The colour returns. Think of spring and you think daffodils and bluebells. So why not incorporate these natural spring colours into your wedding?

Why choose a spring wedding?

Longer days

The evenings grow longer, and when the clocks change, it’s an extra couple of hours of light. So you and your guests can enjoy the sunshine for that little bit longer.

Why choose a spring wedding?

Warmer weather

Winter weddings can look spectacular but no one really wants to be standing around in the freezing cold wearing nothing but a wedding dress. In spring, things have thankfully warmed up a bit, which means its possible to spend some time outside. Especially here in Portugal, where spring means hours of sunshine and warm breezes.

Why choose a spring wedding?


Embrace the beauty of spring by using flowers or the blooming natural world in your pictures. Surround yourself with flowers and foliage, and make good use of the crisp spring light to bring out your good side.

Why choose a spring wedding?

Wedding fashion

Combine bright and bold spring colours with flowers to make a big wedding statement. Think flower crowns and head dresses, and the groom party can add a bit of colour too.

Why choose a spring wedding?

Getting married abroad? Why you need a wedding planner

Having your wedding abroad is a great way to inject an extra level of excitement and glamour into the best day of your life. But, given than planning any wedding is a mammoth task, doing so in another country is an even bigger challenge. Which is why you need a local wedding planner to help things go smoothly.

Getting married abroad? Why you need a wedding planner

Overcoming the language barrier

This is perhaps the most fundamental problem when tying the knot on foreign shores. But a wedding planner who not only speaks your language (in more ways than one) but can communicate in the local tongue is essential. After all, a breakdown in communication could lead to things all unravelling on the big day.

Getting married abroad? Why you need a wedding planner

Local knowledge

You might have visited your dream wedding destination before. You might even be very familiar with the city or region, but only real local knowledge will let you into its secrets. A local wedding planner will have the inside info in the best venues, suppliers, florists and more. Which will save you valuable time and money when sourcing.

Getting married abroad? Why you need a wedding planner


Travel can be stressful. Organising a wedding is probably the most stressful thing you’ll ever do. But you can avoid it all by using a wedding planner to take on most of the burden. All that’s left for you to do is make sure you get to the airport on time.

Getting married abroad? Why you need a wedding planner

If you’ve ever wanted to have your dream wedding right here in beautiful Portugal, then get in touch to find out more about how easy we can make it.

Go your own way: Five completely unique wedding ideas

When you’re planning a wedding, there’s no escaping the traditional. The idea of two people coming together to declare their love for each other in front of their loved ones is as old as time. Plus, the need for the event to be witnessed and certified by a legitimate authority is also pretty clear cut and died in the wool. But there are ways to stray from the formula – ideas that can help to make your wedding day a little more unique.

Guest transportation

Why not make the way your transport your guests from ceremony to reception all part of fun? Think antique busses, horse and carts or even taking to the skies.

Go your own way: Five completely unique wedding ideas

DIY ideas

There are plenty of elements of a wedding that you can encourage your guests to get involved in. From a make-your-own cocktail bar to DIY flower arranging – getting your guests involved is a great idea.

Go your own way: Five completely unique wedding ideas

Showstopping exit

Rather than just letting the party wind down around you, why not plan a memorable exit? Stage a mini parade through the venue, have a band play you out – that kind of thing.

Go your own way: Five completely unique wedding ideas

Wedding music

Don’t fancy a DJ? A string quartet a little stuffy?  Then how about a mariachi band? Or a German oompah ensemble?

Go your own way: Five completely unique wedding ideas

Food frenzy

Can’t decide between the meat or the fish? Then why not go left field and try something new. We’re not talking kebab vans but ice cream trucks, posh fish and chips, pizza ovens – these are the kinds of things that people really love.

Go your own way: Five completely unique wedding ideas