How to dance the night away

Music is an essential part of any wedding event. But how that music manifests itself is entirely up to you. Your choice of musicians, music and entertainment depends on what kind of atmosphere you want to create, and can vary throughout the day.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular options:

The wedding disco

Largely out of favour over the last decade or so, the wedding disco seemed to have had its day. But if you have a passion for retro revivals, why not get a cheesy DJ up on the wheels of steel and bust some moves out on the floor? Just blame it on the boogie.

How to dance the night away

The wedding band

The band has taken over from the disco as the choice option for weddings. And the wedding band market has reacted in kind. There is a huge array of professional acts out there, playing all sorts of genres and even learning your favourite tracks to order. Can be great fun but you’ll pay for the privilege.

How to dance the night away

The classical approach

Certainly during the ceremony and drinks, why not add some class with a strong quartet or classical ensemble? There are even some classical acts that can jazz, rock or funk it up for the evening.

How to dance the night away

Off the wall

Or, you could decide to go in another direction completely. What about a German-style oompah band, or this being Portugal, some fado? Although it is supposed to be a happy occasion, so try and keep it upbeat.


How to dance the night away


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