How to plan a fun wedding

Weddings should be lots of things: romantic, pretty, emotional, heart-warming, stylish, delicious. But most of all, they should be fun.

How to plan a fun wedding

Yet read the wedding magazines and there’s plenty of advice on how to achieve all of the former but very little on how to make your big day fun.

When you plan any other party, the main consideration is making sure people have a good time. So why, when it comes to your wedding, are you more obsessed with places settings and centrepieces?

How to plan a fun wedding

Sure they add to the overall effect, but people are less likely to remember these than they are a cracking night spent laughing, dancing, drinking, reconnecting and even making new friends.

Your wedding is about bringing everyone you love together and making sure they have the best time with you as possible.

How to plan a fun wedding

So here are a few tips on how to do it:

Make sure people know what’s coming

Guests who turn up over or underdressed can get miffed. It’s only fair they know the big plans for the day – little surprises are fine – especially involving weather.

How to plan a fun wedding

Feed and water them – regularly

No one likes standing around hungry or desperate for a glass of bubbly. You can never have too much food or booze at a wedding. Fact.

How to plan a fun wedding

Something for everyone

Not everybody likes drinking and dancing ‘til dawn, so provide plenty of options. Separate your spaces and let people make their own decisions about where they hang out.

How to plan a fun wedding

Get people emotionally invested

As we mentioned above, people are more likely to remember a beautiful speech than a beautiful cake. Go for the heartstrings, involve them in your ceremony and watch the good times roll.

How to plan a fun wedding



Station to station: keeping your guests topped up

We’ve all been to weddings when the service drags on, the rounds of family photos are never ending or when you’re generally stood around waiting in the scorching heat. By the time you sit down to eat you’re too hungry to worry about how good the food tastes.

Station to station: keeping your guests topped up

That’s why keeping guests fed and watered during the whole day is so important, and can really make the difference between a good wedding and a great one. And the best way to do it is with food and drinks stations.

Station to station: keeping your guests topped up

You can get really creative with these. If there’s something you love, why not share it with your guests? If you’ve got a sweet tooth for example, why not have a candy stand?

Station to station: keeping your guests topped up

Movie lovers could go for different flavour popcorn.

Station to station: keeping your guests topped up

If it’s going to be roasting, then why not give your guests ice cream?

Station to station: keeping your guests topped up

Or why not take the opportunity to show off the incredible local produce, which here in Portugal means delicious olive oil and freshly baked bread.

Station to station: keeping your guests topped up

It’s the little touches that make the big impressions.

What your centrepieces say about you?

If you think about it, people will probably spend more time looking at the centrepieces at your wedding than they will at you. Obviously, you’ll look radiant and stunning but all that time your guests are eating and drinking at their tables, the centrepieces will be right in front of their noses.

So, it’s important you get them right and that they project the image of your wedding you want them to. With this in mind, we’ve created this short guide to the different styles of centrepiece that speak volumes about your wedding.

The rustic

Rustic wedding centerpieces

Perfect for autumnal or outdoor weddings. Think Portuguese vineyard or refurbished barn venue. The mixed textures and loose structure says that you’re carefree, in touch with the environment and value the beauty of nature.

The classic

Classic wedding centerpieces

You love the timeless colours and feel of a wedding decoration. The formal aspect of the day appeals to you, with simplistic charm and classic designs a must for your special day. Medium to small arrangements using the classic flowers like roses and tulips are best.

The modern

Modern wedding centerpieces

Perfect for contemporary wedding spaces, like galleries, giving off a trendy and up to date feel. You like to stay current, making sure you’re at the cutting edge. It also gives you scope to experiment and create a centrepiece all of your own. Think exotic flowers, little greenery, and bold lines and shapes.

The glamorous

Glamorous wedding centerpiece

Go big or go home. This is about creating a bold impression. Think huge flowers, bright colours and regal vibes. This is a wedding that wants to be noticed. Large flowers and cascading shapes are best, with multiple colours the key.

The vintage

Vintage wedding centrpiece

Sleek and chic, you’re a style guru who likes to be different. Think upcycled props alongside flowers, low vases and classy colours.

Wedding on the water

Imagine a wedding day overlooking the sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean. A day spent celebrating in a stunning and sophisticated hotel venue just outside Portugal’s elegant and seductive capital of Lisbon, in the upmarket port town of Cascais. That’s what brides and grooms-to-be can enjoy in the magnificent Farol Hotel.

Wedding at Farol Hotel

Unlike some of the other five star hotels in the town, Farol enjoys the advantages of being literally located ‘on the water’. It’s balanced perfectly on the cliff top overlooking the ocean and the town’s picturesque marina.

Wedding at Farol Hotel

The hotel, a member of Design Hotels, is the result of a restoration of a 19th century mansion owned by several members of the Portuguese aristocracy and lately owned by the Count of Cabral. The Chalet was converted into The Farol Design Hotel in 2002  perfectly combining traditional architecture and the best in modern design.

Wedding at Farol Hotel

As you might expect of a hotel of this calibre, there is everything here you and your guests could possibly need. From a choice of sensational venues for your reception, to private terraces, pools, and massage facilities.


There are eleven garden view rooms, ten sea view, eight designer and four suites – plenty of accommodation for your most treasured guests. The happy couple might like to slip into bed at the end of happiest day of their lives in the majestic penthouse. The perfect way to end the day.

Wedding at Farol Hotel

With a striking interior designed entirely in black and white (which just happens to be our very own preferred design scheme) this is one of our very favourite wedding venues in the Lisbon and Cascais area.


Weddings here, which have included the Daniela Ruah and David Paul Olsen celebration recently featured in Vogue magazine, look scintillating. From saying your vows down on the sand to strolling back up the cliffs and dancing the night away in one of the most spectacular settings imaginable – it’s a hard one to beat.

Wedding at Farol Hotel

If you’d like to find out more about wedding celebrations at the Farol, then please get in touch to discuss your dream wedding day.

Wedding at Farol Hotel