Getting your grove on

Get your grove on - olives at weddings

Ah the humble olive. Delicious snack, healthy oil, stunning wedding decoration. That’s right, you read it correctly, olives (or rather the trees and groves where they grow) make stunning backdrops for gorgeous weddings in Portugal.

Get your grove on - olives at weddings

Get your grove on - olives at weddings

The unmistakable leaves, sun faded green, give us wedding planners great colour palettes to work with. And you can use the foliage to dress chairs, tables and even as centrepieces. There’s lots of great ideas to use this Mediterranean marvel – from setting up your reception under their branches, to dressing the plates and even the cake.

Get your grove on - olives at weddings

Get your grove on - olives at weddings

Brides can wear laurel wreaths in their hair for a touch of Roman chic, and speaking of the Romans, it was these adventurous souls who brought the olive tree to Portugal from Italy all those thousands of years ago. So you have us Italians to thank for the beautiful Portuguese olive groves.

Get your grove on - olives at weddings

Get your grove on - olives at weddings

Take a look at these stunning images of olives in weddings and get some inspiration for your big day. We just love these pictures which prove it’s not all about flowers and bright colours, the tiny olive can be just as spectacular.

Get your grove on - olives at weddings

Get your grove on - olives at weddings

And of course, you have to serve some as a snack for your guests.


Nice day for a white (and blue) wedding

There’s something about the Mediterranean that speaks to my inner romantic. And no, it’s not just the beautiful people – although they certainly don’t hurt.

Nice day for a white (and blue) wedding

People from all over the world flock to the Med every year on holiday. The unique atmosphere and environment affects the attitude of the people. And when your surroundings are this gorgeous, how could you not fall in love?

Nice day for a white (and blue) wedding

It’s the light and shade, the food, the scenery – I could go on. But it’s also about the classic Med colours – white and blue.

Nice day for a white (and blue) wedding

All across the Med you’ll find whitewashed houses with brilliant blue trims. And here in Portugal, an entire part of the culture is dedicated to these two colours. Azulejos are the traditional Portuguese tiles that adorn buildings, parks, pavements and pretty much everywhere else there’s a spare bit of space.

Nice day for a white (and blue) wedding

These tiles are inspired by the natural colours of the Med but also serve to define it in our imaginations. As a wedding planner in Portugal, I love to use them in my events. Whether that’s using the tiles themselves or just taking inspiration from the colour scheme, white and blue weddings look beautiful in the Mediterranean sun.

Nice day for a white (and blue) wedding


So, why not come and enjoy your very own white and blue Mediterranean wedding in sunny Portugal? Beautiful country, beautiful people, even more beautiful weddings.


Top ten wedding trends in 2015

Weddings, like any art, style or culture, follow trends. And each year brings a new set of wedding aesthetics that can make your big day stand out. Seeing as weddings are our passion, we can’t help but notice when new ideas and styles come into fashion.

So, we thought we’d share with you our top ten trends of 2015 so far. Some of these we absolutely love and are set to become firm wedding favourites for years to come. Others might pass out of style again just as quickly. Either way, we’re excited to see what happens.

No flowers decoration

Everyone loves flowers but let’s face it, they’re not the most eco-friendly form of decoration. That’s why more and more people are opting out of the floral style and choosing a greener path. We mean this in more ways than one, as greenery can have just as big an impact as colourful flowers.

No flower wedding decor

Suspended décor

Why have the flowers and centrepieces on the table disrupting the conversation? Raise them up, hang them from the ceiling and you can really lift the whole mood of the wedding.

Communal dining

Ever been stuck on a boring table at a wedding? Thought so. The whole idea of communal dining is that it’s a more sociable experience where everyone site together and eats. It works well in rustic settings but with the right styling, you can communal dine in any setting.

Communal dining

Destination weddings

Something we know all about here at The Wedding Portugal. Why choose a venue because its close to home when you can make the destination a part of the big day? With plenty of incredible venues across Portugal, why not celebrate your big day in an equally special location?

Long sleeve dresses

Long sleeves are in for 2015. But don’t worry because so are cut outs, so you won’t be completely covered up on the big day.

Long sleeve dress by Inbal Dror 2015

Selfie invites

Face it, the selfie is here to stay so why not embrace it? Send a selfie invite. If you think about it, it’s probably the only time when it’s 100% fine to be completely about you. After all, it’s your wedding day. Just remember to make it fun and don’t take it too seriously. Basically, that means no pouting.

Hair accessories and tiaras

It’s not all about the dress either. Draw the eye to your beautiful wedding hair with an eye-catching tiara or accessory.

Hair accesory by Valentino couture

Multi-day weddings

Who said that a wedding has to be just one day? Why not make it last as long as possible. Over a couple of days or a weekend your guests will get to know each other and you’ll have plenty of time to fit in everything you want. Why limit yourself to one special day?

Food and drink stations

Keeping everyone fed and watered is part and parcel of a successful wedding. So, as well as the main meal, a few well placed food and drink stations throughout the day and night will keep everyone in a good mood and dancing ‘til dawn (provided that’s what you want of course).

Beer station

Marsala shade 

And finally, every year there seems to be one colour that dominates weddings. This year it is most definitely marsala. This sultry yet sophisticated tone works in almost any wedding environment, which is why we’re seeing it everywhere.