Summer wedding dress trends 2018

There’s a reason that summer weddings are so popular. The flowers are in bloom, the sun is shining, and everyone looks their healthy best. And no one more so than the bride. And this summer there are some wedding trends that will help you really stand out.

Textured lace

Lace is back with a bang in 2018, with layers the way to go. The light feel and minute detail of lace fits in well with wedding venues as diverse as the beach, vineyards and garden parties.

Summer wedding dress trends 2018

Slouchy style

As it gets warmer, a tight fitted gown sounds less appealing. So why no relax and go for a dress that flatters without being form fitting. Slouchy styles work best where comfort is key and you can always glam it up later in the evening when it cools down.

Summer wedding dress trends 2018


The idea of the white wedding dress doesn’t appeal to everyone, and this summer other shades such as ivory, soft pink and even pastels are mixing it up.

Summer wedding dress trends 2018


Feeling in the mood for fun? Then why not go all out with a wedding playsuit or jumpsuit? It’s certainly eye catching and a big trend for this summer season.


Summer wedding dress trends 2018


A beginner’s guide to Portuguese wine

A beginner’s guide to Portuguese wine

Portugal makes some of the finest wines on the planet. But you might not know this because relatively little of it is exported compared to other big producers such as France and Spain. This isn’t just because they want to keep it all for themselves, but because much of it is made in small scale vineyards that don’t produce enough to sell. So here are a few clues as to what to look for.

The country is carved up into 14 wine regions, which are denoted as DOC, which control the geographical boundaries. You might also see the word quinta, which is the word for a small farm.

A beginner's guide to Portuguese wine


Vinho verde

This special type of ‘green’ wine is only from Portugal. They’re called green due to the region they come from rather than any colour. They’re low alcohol and light, perfect for hot days and drinking with fish dishes.

A beginner's guide to Portuguese wine


The river valley stretching from Porto into the heartland is a stunningly beautiful place famed for its steep vineyards. The reds are robust – it’s the same grapes that make port out of – with a few whites too.

The best A beginner's guide to Portuguese wine wine styles for your wedding image by Mat's Eye


With reds often compared to Burgundy, this another of the major wine regions. It enjoys a cooler climate, with ocean breezes providing an ideal balance for the wine.


This huge region known for rolling hills and cork trees is starting to generate a serious buzz. Ripe grapes mean big, full bodied wines, with both excellent reds and whites.

A beginner's guide to Portuguese wine


Probably the most famous of all the Portuguese wines, this fortified variety is rich and sweet, with a high alcohol content caused by the added brandy. Visit Porto and you can visit many of the port cellars lining the river banks.

A beginner's guide to Portuguese wine

Getting married in the mountains

Stunning backdrops, clean air, quaint villages – getting married in the mountains has a lot of advantages. Especially here in Portugal where we’re blessed with a huge choice of unique mountain top destinations. Built for defending this ancient country against invading hordes and as remote farming communities, today these incredible mountaintop settlements make stunning wedding venues. Here’s why:

Getting married in the mountains

The view

Gazing out over the granite-dominated landscape, the line of Knights Templar villages that dot Portugal’s borders with Spain were built to protect it from Moorish invaders. These days, the views from Monsanto, Monsarraz and Marvao can rival anything else you can find in Europe. Don’t believe us? Just check out the pictures below.

Getting married in the mountains

The towns

Walled mountaintop villages complete with centuries old castles. Houses hewn from the rock or made using gigantic boulders as walls. Schist stone villages that have remained unchanged for generations. It’s all here in Portugal, and with a choice of wedding venues across the country, you can choose an incredible and unique wedding destination.

Getting married in the mountains

The churches

As a catholic country, no village or town is complete without a church. And with many dating back centuries, these are often incredible places to make your vows. Teetering on the edge of vast rocky cliffs, gazing out at the land below, these are some of the most special churches in the world. For a church wedding straight from your dreams, the mountains of Portugal are hard to beat.

Getting married in the mountains

Why get married on a farm?

You probably don’t necessarily associate livestock and wedding ceremonies. But in recent years, farms and barns have become very popular wedding destinations. And when you think about it, there are a number of good reasons why.

The natural world

There’s been a definite shift back towards nature, with the organic food and modern back to the land movements. And a farm is the wedding equivalent. This is a place where nature is all around, in the landscape, the purpose and more. So what better way to get in touch with your natural side?

Why get married on a farm?

Blank canvas

A barn is a large space, perfect for parties and one you can dress in any way you like. Go for a rustic inspired design or surprise your guests with a futuristic disco. The barn is a blank canvas that you can use as and how you want.

Why get married on a farm?


Barns and farms tend to be out in the country. Which means they’re away from neighbours, giving you the privacy and freedom to party all night long.

Why get married on a farm?


These are also spaces that are perfect for all the family, especially children. While the formality of a palace might not be ideal for the curious minds of kids, on a farm they are free to lay without the risk of breaking anything priceless.

Why get married on a farm?

The perfect beach wedding

There are some settings that just seem to fit perfectly with weddings. There are churches, for obvious reasons. Stately homes, for the glamour and elegance. And then beaches. But just what is it about the beach that makes you want to say ‘I do’?

Destination weddings

Beautiful beaches are a destination in themselves, which means you can combine wedding ceremony, reception and honeymoon all in one. Especially if you choose to get married on one of the hundreds of beautiful beaches in Portugal. The sun, sea and sand add an element of holiday escape to any wedding.

The perfect beach wedding

The water

The sound of the ocean crashing onto the shore, the birds in the air, the gentle breeze – it all helps to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere, which is perfect for romantic occasions.

The perfect beach wedding


The beach is an ideal place for small, informal and intimate weddings. Just you, a few of your most loved and cherished friends and family – it’s stripping a wedding back to its basics. And the beach seems to make sense as a perfect simple location.

The perfect beach wedding

The sunshine

The beach is associated with sunshine. Of course, that’s not always the reality but that’s how we imagine it. And in Portugal, you stand a good chance of the sun shining, especially in the summer months.

The perfect beach wedding

The aesthetic

The beach brings an aesthetic that you can use to build your wedding around. Washed out colours, driftwood, nautical themes – it can all be tied together in your wedding design. And it’s all right there on the beach.

The perfect beach wedding