Top 5 vintage wedding ideas

Your wedding day is a in essence a celebration of your future together. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also plan a day that looks back at the past. Vintage wedding ideas can give your special day a little touch of something different. Here are five vintage inspired ideas to help make your wedding even more unique.

Vintage band

Music plays a big part in any celebration, and by choosing the right band you can create a whole tone and atmosphere. Think trad jazz, smooth swing or even 50s rock roll and you can create a mood for the whole day.

Top 5 vintage wedding ideas

Wedding car

Arrive in style in a classic car from the past. Choose an elegant 1920s open backed carriage, a 70s sports coupe or an iconic 50s Rolls.

Top 5 vintage wedding ideas

Retro centrepieces

Add some vintage chic to your table designs with retro-inspired centrepieces. Think piles of leather bound books, classic typewriters, antique vases. It’s a great way to be creative.

Mix and match

Mis-matched retro china from a junk store can be a great way to add some vintage style to your tables. The beauty of vintage items is that they have their own charm and can look good in a variety of settings.

Top 5 vintage wedding ideas


Another major benefit of vintage ideas is that you can repurpose items them for your needs. Think old suitcases as a gift basket, old birdcages as centrepieces. It’s a great chance to use your imagination.

Top 5 vintage wedding ideas.


Go your own way: Five completely unique wedding ideas

When you’re planning a wedding, there’s no escaping the traditional. The idea of two people coming together to declare their love for each other in front of their loved ones is as old as time. Plus, the need for the event to be witnessed and certified by a legitimate authority is also pretty clear cut and died in the wool. But there are ways to stray from the formula – ideas that can help to make your wedding day a little more unique.

Guest transportation

Why not make the way your transport your guests from ceremony to reception all part of fun? Think antique busses, horse and carts or even taking to the skies.

Go your own way: Five completely unique wedding ideas

DIY ideas

There are plenty of elements of a wedding that you can encourage your guests to get involved in. From a make-your-own cocktail bar to DIY flower arranging – getting your guests involved is a great idea.

Go your own way: Five completely unique wedding ideas

Showstopping exit

Rather than just letting the party wind down around you, why not plan a memorable exit? Stage a mini parade through the venue, have a band play you out – that kind of thing.

Go your own way: Five completely unique wedding ideas

Wedding music

Don’t fancy a DJ? A string quartet a little stuffy?  Then how about a mariachi band? Or a German oompah ensemble?

Go your own way: Five completely unique wedding ideas

Food frenzy

Can’t decide between the meat or the fish? Then why not go left field and try something new. We’re not talking kebab vans but ice cream trucks, posh fish and chips, pizza ovens – these are the kinds of things that people really love.

Go your own way: Five completely unique wedding ideas

2018 wedding cake trends to satisfy your sweet tooth

No wedding should be without a cake. And not just any cake. A cake that looks good, tastes better and is bang on trend. And to help you out, here’s a list of five kinds of cake that will tick all those boxes in 2018.

Hand painted flowers

To match the spring wedding theme, garden style and hand-crafted themes that will be big in 2018, a cake with hand painted flowers is a perfect fit. Not only are the hand painted details beautiful but they are very eye catching too.


2018 wedding cake trends to satisfy your sweet tooth


Along similar lines, a watercolour painted cake will add a new dimension of colour that ebbs and fades around the cake. Watercolours provide a subtle shading that contrasts with some of the bolder tones we’ve seen in cakes in recent years. Obviously you need to use special edible paint to avoid poisoning your guests.

2018 wedding cake trends to satisfy your sweet tooth


A popular topping for 2018, combining the subtle colour elements mentioned above as well as extra details such as thick brushstroke design. Hey, we never said these cakes were going to be good for you.

2018 wedding cake trends to satisfy your sweet tooth

Gold leaf

Add a touch of opulence with some gold leaf (remember to keep it edible again). Gold is as colour that works well with almost any other design scheme so it’s a flexible, as well as eye-catching, choice.

2018 wedding cake trends to satisfy your sweet tooth

Five ways to recycle your wedding items

Your wedding day should be the most special day of your life but that doesn’t mean that it has to have a huge impact on the planet. There are plenty of ways you can have a blast but reduce your footprint too. Here are some top ideas for keeping things green.


OK, so we know your wedding dress is a big deal but what’s the use of wearing it once, then chucking it in the back of the cupboard to get old and dusty? There are plenty of ways you can reuse it, you just need to find a good seamstress. You can even sell it on, helping someone else to look fabulous on their special day. The same goes for the groom’s suit – choose one that has a shelf life.

Five ways to recycle your wedding items

Material matters

Use decorations that can be reused or recycled. Think paper, glass and greenery and try to avoid plastics where possible.

Five ways to recycle your wedding items


Flowers can make a wedding but there’s nothing that says their shelf life ends at the end of the day. Give them to your guests to take home, or use plants and foliage that can keep on growing.

Five ways to recycle your wedding items


Try and use accessories that keep on giving. Candles can be used for months after the big day. Leftover lights and decorations will come in handy at other festive occasions. And items like table centrepieces will always make great birthday gifts later in the year.

Five ways to recycle your wedding items

Wedding colour schemes for 2018

Colours remain the same but the way we use them and appreciate them is constantly evolving. As we head into 2018, a range of colours and palettes are emerging as favourites for weddings and celebrations this year. Here’s our quick guide.

Lavender and lilac

Similar but distinct, these two colours offer a dusty but elegant colour palette to play with. Both are light and fresh, and the combination allows you to play around with various shades and hues without rigidly sticking to one or the other.

Wedding colour schemes for 2018

Dusty rose and green

Shocking or bright pink can be a little too bold for many, but a dusty rose combined with natural floral greens is a great way to incorporate it in a more versatile way.

Wedding colour schemes for 2018

Black, white and gold

A true wedding classic combining the simple elegance of contrasting black and white with the glamour and sparkle of gold.

Wedding colour schemes for 2018

True blues

Blues are quite limited in the natural world, at least in terms of flora and foliage so bring in your blues through fabrics and decorations. Blues can work in any season, with a range of shades reflecting different moods.

Wedding colour schemes for 2018

Vintage red and peach

Bright red is perhaps not the most natural wedding colour so this slightly offset vintage alternative lets you play with bold colours that don’t dominate everything else.

Wedding colour schemes for 2018

New Year’s Eve wedding ideas

Tying the knot on New Year’s Eve is a great way to combine celebrations. Everyone will be in the mood for a party, and it will be great fun seeing in the New Year as a newly married couple. What a way to start your new lives together. Here are some ideas to help it all go off with a bang.

Champagne bar

You can’t have New Year’s Eve without champagne. You can’t have a wedding without …well you get the idea. So why not buy in some Bollinger and dish out the Dom Perignon at a champagne bar?

New Year’s Eve wedding ideas


Everything really will go off with a bang at midnight when the frieworks start going off.

New Year’s Eve wedding ideas

Resolution guest book

Get all your guests to sign your wedding guestbook and state their New Year’s resolution. Then you can keep track of who is sticking to their guns throughout the year.

Midnight confetti drop

As the clock strikes midnight, shower your guests with confetti in an unforgettable moment.

New Year’s Eve wedding ideas


New You favours

Send your guests away with a goodie bag that will help them get over their new year hangovers.

Season’s greetings from The Wedding Portugal

So, somehow we’re just a few days away from Christmas once again, and 2017 reaches its end. It’s been another fantastic year here at The Wedding Portugal, doing what we love best: planning and delivering stunning weddings in one of the most beautiful countries on the planet.

Season’s greetings from The Wedding Portugal

From vineyards to castles to sun-kissed beaches, our happy couples have celebrated in style throughout the year and there’s more to come in 2018.

Season’s greetings from The Wedding Portugal

If you’re thinking about tying the knot in the coming year or even beyond, then have a look at our website to find out more about the comprehensive planning services we offer, our stunning venues or to look at the gallery of the weddings we’ve staged over the last year. Get inspired by our decoration ideas, and start thinking about your own big day. Or you can get in touch to have a chat about your plans.

Season’s greetings from The Wedding Portugal

And in the meantime, have a wonderful festive season full of joy, love and happiness.

The beauty of Portuguese autumn weddings

Blessed with one of the best climates in Europe and countless hours of summer sun, the June to August season is always popular for weddings in Portugal. However, even outside of the high season, there are plenty of reasons to get married here.

The beauty of Portuguese autumn weddings

The months of September to November are when the harvests take place, when villages across the country hum with activity as people pick grapes to make wine and olives to make oil. These were traditionally times of celebration and with the weather still often remaining sunny and warm for weeks on end, it can be a beautiful time to have a wedding.

The beauty of Portuguese autumn weddings

After the scorching summer, the cooler autumn temperature and showers bring life back to the ground, with lush green colours returning and ripening of many fruits. This means there’s an abundance of natural autumn foliage with which to decorate your wedding venue. If you’re looking to source food locally, this is also a bountiful time of year.

The beauty of Portuguese autumn weddings

The colours, weather, food, and if we’re being totally honest, affordability, of Portuguese autumn weddings make them a very attractive proposal. And with less competition for venues, you can get the weeding of your dreams at a truly beautiful time of year.

Inspired wedding table ideas for an unforgettable feast

The main event of any wedding is the moment the bride and groom say ‘I do’. Of course it is. But then again, as a guest, what you’re really looking forward to is an incredible meal in beautiful surroundings with lovely people. Taking nothing away from the happy couple, obviously. Which is why putting a lot of thought and effort into your tables can help to make this even more special.

So here is a handful of really great wedding table ideas, some inspired by the beautiful Portuguese landscapes all around.


From pine trees to eucalyptus and cactuses, all around you in Portugal is stunning greenery that can be used to dress any table. Don’t forget about the olive branches that cover the countryside from north to south.

Inspired wedding table ideas for an unforgettable feast


As the evening wears on, having candles and even table lamps can help to create an atmosphere conducive to good times. Choose styles that suit your overall design theme.

Inspired wedding table ideas for an unforgettable feast

Coloured glassware

Experiment with adding colour in different ways, with glassware and crockery that matches your tones.

Inspired wedding table ideas for an unforgettable feast

Think about the table itself

Why dress the table too much when it can be the star of the show? Think chunky wood tables and chairs for a natural option that looks beautiful too.

Inspired wedding table ideas for an unforgettable feast

Look up

Create space and add another dimension by hanging flowers and centrepieces above the table. That way everyone can see each other and you can create eye catching displays that don’t get in the way.

Inspired wedding table ideas for an unforgettable feast

Portuguese wedding flower planner

These days it’s more or less possible to get whatever flowers you want at any time of year. But just like going local with the food, more and more people are choosing to use flowers that are seasonal, arranging their floral displays around the flowers in bloom when the choose to get married.

And here in Portugal, there’s an extensive calendar of flowers running right through the year.

Portuguese wedding flower planner

In January, February and March you should be looking at camellias, orchids and hyacinths. May through July is time for hydrangeas, carnations and lavender (which has the added bonus of smelling incredible).

Portuguese wedding flower planner

Roses and sunflowers are big in July and August, with gladiola and irises coming in September to November.

Portuguese wedding flower planner

If you’re going for a winter wedding, then white lilies usually flower in December. Plan your wedding around these beautiful plants and you’ve got a ready made colour and design scheme from Mother Nature herself. Add some native foliage, such as olive branches and you can dress your wedding without the environmental impact.