It is easy being green

Top 10 reasons for a 2017 Portugal wedding

Everyone wants their wedding day to be the most special and perfect of their lives. But nowhere does it say that it can’t also be a sustainable and low impact affair.

For more and more brides and grooms, keeping their big day green is a big part of the celebration. So here are some top tips on how to reduce your wedding footprint.

Recyclable décor

Dressing the venue is very important but try and use materials that you can reuse or recycle. Even better if you can source recycled materials to begin with. Think paper, card and glass rather than plastic.

It is easy being green

Local and seasonal food

Here in Portugal there’s an incredible range of local and seasonal produce to choose from. From classics like sardines and cod, to olives, chorizo and olive oil, keep your food miles to a minimum.

It is easy being green

Friendly flowers

It wouldn’t be a wedding without flowers but try and use native flower species that haven’t been treated with pesticides and other nasty chemicals. You can even add foliage like olive leaves to keep it greener.

It is easy being green

Go digital

Invites, wedding info, photos and more can all be sent and stored online (just make sure you back up). This will help to keep your paper trail to a minimum.

Gift list

These days most couples have already set up home or at least have plenty of stuff so the traditional wedding gift list is dying out. Think about if you really need any more stuff or ask for donations to a worthwhile charity instead.

It is easy being green

Top ideas for your bridal bouquet

The bridal bouquet can often be the centrepiece of any wedding design theme. Think about what you want to carry down the aisle and very often you can build your whole wedding style around it.

With that in mind, here are five top ideas to give you some ideas and inspire you to create a bouquet that’s a little different.


An ancient symbol fertility, the orchid also brings beauty and charm to your bouquet. Different colours have different meanings too, with white bringing reverence and humility, as well as innocence and purity.

Top five ideas for your bridal bouquet


These fleshy and geometric plants bring a beautiful contrast to any bouquet. There’s a huge variety to choose from with patterns and textures that can bring your bouquet to life.

Top five ideas for your bridal bouquet


Why opt for the traditional bunch design? A cascade can be draped over the arm and add a trail of colour to your dress. Plus, the bigger it is the more flowers you get to use.

Top five ideas for your bridal bouquet


Beautifully coloured and fragrant, lavender is a an excellent framing flower around which you can add further colour and texture.

Top five ideas for your bridal bouquet


Representing new life and bountiful fruits of nature, berries make a stunning addition to any bouquet design. They also contrast with the colour and texture of flowers for a unique bouquet.


Top five ideas for your bridal bouquet

Top wedding cake trends for 2017

What kind of a wedding would it be if there wasn’t a cake? A beautiful, stylish and delicious wedding cake is like the icing on the…well, you get the drift. But like anything, cakes are subject to style, trend and personal preference. And as this is the most important day of your life, the cake has to be just as special.


This summer, there are some big wedding cake ideas that you can use to make sure your cake is bang on trend.


A real design statement, beads can be used to stunning effect, creating the appearance of thousands of jewels adding colour and texture to your design.

Top wedding cake trends for 2017


50 years after the original Summer of Love, flower power is back in a big way. Perfect for rustic or country weddings, iced or real flowers add a dash of boho chic.

Top wedding cake trends for 2017


Making your cake look like a lump or volcanic rock might not sound like a great idea but marbling can have stunning results. Think precious metals, crystals and natural geology for a wedding cake with a difference.


This classic wedding material is making a big comeback, with delicate piping and details that really show the craftsmanship.

Top wedding cake trends for 2017


Green weddings continue to appeal, with foliage and leaves adding a natural glamour to your cake.

Top wedding cake trends for 2017

Top summer wedding trends 2017

As the wedding season really starts to get into its swing, here are some top wedding trends you’re likely to see this summer.


A great way to DIY your wedding. Watercolour your invitations, decorations, table numbers and more. It’s a fun, creative and very affordable way of adding big splashes of colour to your special day.


The forest can be a very romantic place, and a great venue to connect with wildlife. Shady, lush and with abundant natural material, why bother decorating your venue when nature can do it for you – and on a much grander scale.


Brightly coloured flowers (think bold pinks and purples) and palm leaves cam bring a little slice of tropical paradise to any wedding. Think Hawaiian shirts, bold floral prints and patterns – all you need is some sunshine to set it all off. And here in Portugal you stand a pretty good chance of getting it.


If you’re looking for a more casual event, then go for a boho/vintage feel. Think wedding teepees, vintage fabrics, cowboy boots, rugs and anything else you can find inspiration from in junk shops. This is a great way to create a truly unique and individual event.

The centre of attention

The centrepiece is a big part of any wedding design scheme. But who ever said that they had to be flowers? You can create a real talking point with some unique centrepiece ideas. Just remember, try not to make them too big, as your guests generally like being able to see who they’e talking to.


How about a living breathing centrepiece? Goldfish are beautiful creatures and are one of the few animals you could actually incorporate into your wedding and be sure they’re not going to get out of control. Just remember that you have to find good homes for them after the big day. Maybe your guests could take them home as favours?

The centre of attention


A bunch of carrots is just as beautiful as a bunch of flowers. Why not get creative with fruit and veg? Use a pumpkin as a vase or carve up some courgettes to make an eye catching display. Vegetables also have the advantage of being significantly cheaper than flowers.

The centre of attention


Why not get your guests involved in the centrepieces? Think Lego blocks or Mechano pieces for your guests to create their own centrepieces.

The centre of attention


Piles of leather books give off a great vintage vibe. Make them all classic love stories for an added touch of romance. Who knows, your guests might even get inspired.

The centre of attention


Why not incorporate the meal into your wedding centrepiece? Make it a big pile of delicious cupcakes, or chocolate lollies that your guests can nibble.

The centre of attention

How to create your modern minimalist wedding

Less is more, or so the saying goes. But for 2017 weddings it’s definitely true. This year you should try to avoid ostentatious ceremonies, overly frilly dresses, floral overkill and keep things, simple, chic and sophisticated.

Think minimal. Keep the dress soft and feminine, with long straight lines. Let the small details have a big impact.

How to create your modern minimalist wedding

For flowers, choose one or two favourites and build your displays around these.

How to create your modern minimalist wedding

Carry on the theme across the wedding, with uncluttered tabled settings and elegant invitations.

How to create your modern minimalist wedding

You should also try and stick to a limited colour palette. Think neutral tones and try and avoid big bold colours or clashes.

How to create your modern minimalist wedding

Think about creating one big design statement rather than lots of little ones. People don’t always remember the centrepieces but they will recall a room lit up with hundreds of candles as a lighting statement.

How to create your modern minimalist wedding

Ideally, you want your carefully chose details to stand out, not get lost amongst all the bling and glitz. It’s all too easy to get carried away, but remember to keep your design choices simple.

Must have mini wedding trends for 2017

Chances are, if you’re getting married in 2017 you’ve got the big details covered. The whens, wheres and whos are all sorted. But there’s still time to add the finishing touches.

Wedding mini trends are the little touches that elevate your day from special to unforgettable. Here are some of the top wedding mini trends for the year ahead.


Big in the US, brides are using this creative hobby to add a touch of boho chic to tables, photo rooms and dining areas.

Mini wedding trends 2017

Personalised favours

These days a little bag of sugared almonds probably won’t cut it. Think about putting a little extra effort into your favours, with a personal touch essential.

Mini wedding trends 2017

Wedding movie

We’re not talking about the shaky video camera kind of thing, we mean a full on mini masterpiece created by genuine filmmakers. Shoot your film and then hold a premier where you invite all your guests.

Metallic colours

Silver, gold and copper proved to be a real hit on the French wedding circuit in 2016 and are branching out across the world in 2017.

Mini wedding trends 2017

Food trucks

2016 was all about food and drink stations. This year weddings are going bigger with their very own street food truck stops. Think tacos, oysters and more.

Mini wedding trends 2017

You better put a ring on it

Donuts are one wedding trend that doesn’t look like going stale. These versatile sweet treats can be used for a range of wedding occasions – with plenty of different styles, shapes and flavours. And, of course, let’s not ignore the ring shaped significance on our special day. No longer just for off duty New York City cops – donuts are a wedding treat for everyone.

The donut bar

Everyone likes different kinds of donuts, so let them choose with a donut bar featuring all styles of donuts and decorations. This is sure to be a hit at any wedding.

Donut bar


Why not make the donut the centre of attention, with great colours and shapes making eye catching (and mouth watering) centrepieces?

You better put a ring on it


Send your guests away happy with a boxed donut treat. It’s a sweet way to say thanks for coming.

You better put a ring on it

Bridal shower or hen party

These are occasions when you can let go, and the wedding diet goes out the window for a few hours. What better way to treat yourself than with some sugary goodness.

You better put a ring on it

Wedding cake

Not a fan of traditional wedding cake? Then why not build your wedding tower out of donuts – using all shapes, sizes and flavours? That’s one cake you’ll really want to cut into.

You better put a ring on it


Kill two birds with one stone – decorate your venue with donuts. Hang them from the ceiling, create colourful arrangements or even build mini sculptures using these delicious sweet bricks.

You better put a ring on it

The best wedding guest book ideas

As well as your wedding photos and what you can physically remember (which may be affected by how much champagne you guzzle during the day) one of the best mementos is the guestbook. This gives your guests a chance to tell you how beautiful you look and how you’re wedding was the best they’ve ever been to (whether they mean it or not).

The best wedding guest book ideas

So, to help you keep a lasting record of who was there and who wasn’t (trust us, it’s harder than it looks to remember), here are some top guest book ideas.

Thumb print guest book

Start with a bare tree and let your guests create leaves using their thumb prints from coloured ink, signing their name next to it. Also handy if any crimes are committed during the day and fingerprint evidence is needed.

The best wedding guest book ideas

Stamp or signature trees

If you want to avoid the whole genetic information collecting argument or having inky thumbprints all over your dress, use a stamp to make the leaves. Or even just let your guests sign individual leaves.

The best wedding guest book ideas

Anniversary wine bottles

For a guest book that keeps on giving, have guests sign wine bottles that you can drink to remember your special day down the years.

The best wedding guest book ideas

Custom cards

Let your guests get creative filling in a card in their own special way. You can also use this to collect names and addresses which will help when it’s thank you card writing time. Clever, clever.

The best wedding guest book ideas

Fill in the blanks

Rather than letting slightly tipsy guests scrawl nonsense, direct their messages with some fill in the blank cards with appropriate spaces for messages (just avoid it being too much like a tax return).

The best wedding guest book ideas

Wishing tree

Let your guests write out wishes and hang them on a tree, which also creates an instant wedding decoration.

The best wedding guest book ideas

Message in a bottle

Let your guests write their messages and seal them in a bottle to be opened in the future. Like having lots of mini time capsules from the best day of your life.

The best wedding guest book ideas

Jigsaw time

Get guests to write messages on individual pieces of a jigsaw. Then you can piece them all together after the wedding.

The best wedding guest book ideas

Rocking out

Have guests write messages on smooth river rocks (spray them afterwards to preserve the writing) and arrange them to make a great garden or home feature.

The best wedding guest book ideas

What your centrepieces say about you?

If you think about it, people will probably spend more time looking at the centrepieces at your wedding than they will at you. Obviously, you’ll look radiant and stunning but all that time your guests are eating and drinking at their tables, the centrepieces will be right in front of their noses.

So, it’s important you get them right and that they project the image of your wedding you want them to. With this in mind, we’ve created this short guide to the different styles of centrepiece that speak volumes about your wedding.

The rustic

Rustic wedding centerpieces

Perfect for autumnal or outdoor weddings. Think Portuguese vineyard or refurbished barn venue. The mixed textures and loose structure says that you’re carefree, in touch with the environment and value the beauty of nature.

The classic

Classic wedding centerpieces

You love the timeless colours and feel of a wedding decoration. The formal aspect of the day appeals to you, with simplistic charm and classic designs a must for your special day. Medium to small arrangements using the classic flowers like roses and tulips are best.

The modern

Modern wedding centerpieces

Perfect for contemporary wedding spaces, like galleries, giving off a trendy and up to date feel. You like to stay current, making sure you’re at the cutting edge. It also gives you scope to experiment and create a centrepiece all of your own. Think exotic flowers, little greenery, and bold lines and shapes.

The glamorous

Glamorous wedding centerpiece

Go big or go home. This is about creating a bold impression. Think huge flowers, bright colours and regal vibes. This is a wedding that wants to be noticed. Large flowers and cascading shapes are best, with multiple colours the key.

The vintage

Vintage wedding centrpiece

Sleek and chic, you’re a style guru who likes to be different. Think upcycled props alongside flowers, low vases and classy colours.