Nature on your table: Dream green weddings in Portugal

Your wedding day is supposed to be the biggest day of your life and all about you – the happy couple. But more and more people are realising that in this life, it’s never just about us. That’s why green weddings are becoming more common, with more couples looking to celebrate their special day without having a detrimental impact on the environment. Nature on your table: Dream green weddings in Portugal Every event carries with it a potential for environmental consequences. There’s energy consumption, emissions and waste to think about to begin with, as well as the indirect impact of renting cars, cleaning products and so on. With a little thought, however, it really is possible to significantly reduce the impact of your wedding, especially here in Portugal. This is a country blessed with an abundance of natural food, light and energy. It’s possible to celebrate your wedding at a venue where almost all the food and drink you’ll consume has been grown on site or at least sourced nearby. In other words, it comes from the farm to your table. Nature on your table: Dream green weddings in Portugal Delicious and colourful local fruits, regional wines and a natural outdoor environment all add to the low impact, green effect of your wedding. Get married under the olive groves or vines, using local produce and you’re also cutting back on waste products, transfer costs, and packing, which are a serious concern at some wedding events. Portugal is also blessed with a huge range of gorgeous wildflowers that can be picked on the very morning of the big day. There’s no costly florists bills and transport to worry about. It’s all grown, picked and arranged on site. Nature on your table: Dream green weddings in Portugal Using locally sourced ingredients and produce is also a real boost for the local economy, meaning that you can offset some of the footprint of the big event against the benefits this will have for your chosen destination. With so much natural and organic beauty, Portugal is truly a dream green wedding destination.


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