New Year’s Eve wedding ideas

Tying the knot on New Year’s Eve is a great way to combine celebrations. Everyone will be in the mood for a party, and it will be great fun seeing in the New Year as a newly married couple. What a way to start your new lives together. Here are some ideas to help it all go off with a bang.

Champagne bar

You can’t have New Year’s Eve without champagne. You can’t have a wedding without …well you get the idea. So why not buy in some Bollinger and dish out the Dom Perignon at a champagne bar?

New Year’s Eve wedding ideas


Everything really will go off with a bang at midnight when the frieworks start going off.

New Year’s Eve wedding ideas

Resolution guest book

Get all your guests to sign your wedding guestbook and state their New Year’s resolution. Then you can keep track of who is sticking to their guns throughout the year.

Midnight confetti drop

As the clock strikes midnight, shower your guests with confetti in an unforgettable moment.

New Year’s Eve wedding ideas


New You favours

Send your guests away with a goodie bag that will help them get over their new year hangovers.


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