Five reasons why you need a wedding planner

Now, it might come as no surprise that we think that a wedding planner is an essential part of any truly magical wedding. But if you still don’t want to believe us, here are five very good reasons why we wedding planners are indispensable.


Unless you’re incredibly lucky, you probably have a budget for your wedding. Any when you start the planning process you will almost certainly realise that it won’t go as far as you’d like. That is, unless you have a wedding planner keeping on top of every penny, sourcing deals and using their extensive contact network to bring your wedding in on budget.

Five reasons why you need a wedding planner


Your wedding day is supposed to be the best of your life. So do you really want to spend it worrying about why the caterers are late or why the tables have ben set up in the wrong place? Let a planner handle the details, leaving your free to enjoy your big day.

Five reasons why you need a wedding planner


Once you and your planner have agreed upon your wedding ideas, they’ll fight tooth and nail to make sure you get everything exactly as you want it. Planners have a knack of being able to persuade venue managers, catering bosses and others that what you want is really the best thing for everyone. (Just don’t ask us how we do it).

Five reasons why you need a wedding planner


During the course of your wedding day there are a thousand things that can go wrong. And it only needs one to happen for the whole thing to be derailed. Your planner will be there , keeping all the plates spinning so everything goes off with bang (and at the right time).

Five reasons why you need a wedding planner


This may or may not be your first wedding (although with any luck it will be your last). But the chances are you’ve done this once or twice before at most, if it’s not completely new to you. A wedding planner will have done this several or more times a year, every year, perhaps even for decades. So, they’ve got the right experience. And believe us, it really, really helps.

Five reasons why you need a wedding planner


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