Why get married in: Lisbon

Portugal’s capital is a stunning mix of historic venues, beautiful sunlight, scintillating views and sumptuous cuisine. As one of the oldest capital cities in Europe, it’s positively dripping with history but be warned, many of its secrets are well hidden. In fact, it can take years to discover all of its charm, with surprises around every cobbled corner.

Why get married in: Lisbon

The city sits on the banks of the vast Tejo river, rising up over seven hills and traversed with narrow alleyways and broad boulevards. Catch the iconic number 28 tram for a tour through its heart and up the the highest point at Graca. From the view point here, the terracotta rooftops stretch right the way out to the colossal red 25 April bridge and Cristo Rei statue.

Why get married in: Lisbon

The city is brimming with beautiful venues, from baroque ballrooms to traditional tascas. And if you’re looking for a gastronomic extravaganza, the seafood doesn’t get better or fresher than this.

Take advantage of the city’s majestic sunsets for wedding photos straight from the pages of a magazine, and then party the night away in the famous Bairro Alto district.

Why get married in: Lisbon

Lisbon is a unique city with a distinct personality, which makes it a fantastic wedding destination. Oh, and did we mention the beach is only 20 minutes outside the city?


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