How to beat the heat

Most of us dream of a beautiful sunny day for our wedding. Endless blue skies, gorgeous sunsets – it’s what perfect weddings are made of. And here in Portugal you have about as good a chance as anywhere in the world of your dreams coming true, especially in the summer months.

How to beat the heat

But sunshine does come at a price. It can get hot. And with you and your guests dressed to kill, plus food and drinks to serve, too much sun can cause a few problems. So here’s a quick guide on how to beat the heat.

Choose timings sensibly

Think about where you and your guests will be during the hottest part of the day. For example, planning an outdoor ceremony in the middle of the afternoon sun is not ideal. Try and time events to make best use of the light and temperature.

How to beat the heat


Weddings by the ocean have the advantage of cool breezes and the refreshing cool of the water. Try and use natural ambient temperatures to your advantage and always think about shade.

How to beat the heat

Dress code

If it’s going to be a scorcher, think about adjusting the dress code or letting guests know that they won’t be expected to be formal all day.


If you want the party to go on long into the night, keep everyone hydrated throughout the day. Water and ice are everyone’s friend.

How to beat the heat

Oh yes, and don’t forget about the wedding cake. Leave it in the sun for any length of time and it won’t be pretty.


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