How to choose your wedding playlist

What would a wedding be without music? Essentially, a very expensive meal out. Music plays a very important role throughout the day, from selected pieces with special meaning during the service, to filling the floor once the party starts. But the question is: how do you choose a playlist for the biggest day of your life?


You might be into free jazz or death metal. That’s fine. But not all of your guests are going to want to stroke their chins to atonal jazz musings or bang their heads to some thrash classics. Of course, your wedding should reflect you and your passions but it also needs to have some broad appeal too. Otherwise you might find the evening peters out early.

How to choose your wedding playlist

Music with meaning

There are some big songs to choose during the day: from your entrance music at the service to your first dance. You and your partner should think long and hard about which songs mean most to you.

How to choose your wedding playlist

Get your guests involved

Stuck for ideas? On your invitation, ask each guest to select a song when they rsvp, then make your playlist out of this. Everyone will have a stake in the evening and it will be interesting to see what your nearest and dearest choose. Disclaimer: you might have to do a little curating and editing. There’s no accounting for taste sometimes.

How to choose your wedding playlist

Keep it separate

When creating your playlist, think about how different parts of the day have different vibes. You don’t want to be listening to some heavy funk during dinner, and classical pieces don’t go down so well on the dance floor. Work in sections and it will help you keep it appropriate.

How to choose your wedding playlist



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