The centre of attention

The centrepiece is a big part of any wedding design scheme. But who ever said that they had to be flowers? You can create a real talking point with some unique centrepiece ideas. Just remember, try not to make them too big, as your guests generally like being able to see who they’e talking to.


How about a living breathing centrepiece? Goldfish are beautiful creatures and are one of the few animals you could actually incorporate into your wedding and be sure they’re not going to get out of control. Just remember that you have to find good homes for them after the big day. Maybe your guests could take them home as favours?

The centre of attention


A bunch of carrots is just as beautiful as a bunch of flowers. Why not get creative with fruit and veg? Use a pumpkin as a vase or carve up some courgettes to make an eye catching display. Vegetables also have the advantage of being significantly cheaper than flowers.

The centre of attention


Why not get your guests involved in the centrepieces? Think Lego blocks or Mechano pieces for your guests to create their own centrepieces.

The centre of attention


Piles of leather books give off a great vintage vibe. Make them all classic love stories for an added touch of romance. Who knows, your guests might even get inspired.

The centre of attention


Why not incorporate the meal into your wedding centrepiece? Make it a big pile of delicious cupcakes, or chocolate lollies that your guests can nibble.

The centre of attention


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