Why you need a wedding website

When planning a wedding, especially a wedding abroad, you’ll find that everyone wants answers. What time does the ceremony start? What are the best local hotels? Can I bring my dog? (Believe us, this does happen).

Why you need a wedding website

And when you’re focusing on creating the perfect wedding, you’ve just not got the time to answer everyone’s questions. Especially when all the information is already in the invite.

Why you need a wedding website

This is when a wedding website is invaluable. It’s the perfect place to put all the relevant info your guests might want. Times, gift lists, dress codes – anything to do with the wedding, get it online.

Why you need a wedding website

And don’t be put off by the tech side of things. These days there are plenty of template web design sites you can use to easily create your site. Use sites like Squarespace, WordPress and Wix to choose your style, pick your colour scheme and hey presto, it’s done.

Why you need a wedding website

You can use it as an online RSVP, share more details about the wedding, share your story and even provide updated about the weather. Although here in Portugal it’s almost always sunny.

So, make your site, keep people in the loop and let people know whether it’s ok to bring their four-legged friends – amongst other things.


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