Top 5 wedding trends for 2017

OK, it’s not quite 2017 just yet but it always pays to be ahead of the curve. Besides, if you’re getting married in 2017 you should definitely be thinking about the big day by now – if you haven’t been for the last few years that is.


So if you want your day to be bang on trend, here are five top ways to nail your 2017 wedding.


It might be a nice day for a white wedding but big and bold colours are definitely making a comeback too. Add huge bursts wherever you can.

Top 5 wedding trends for 2017

Destination weddings

Bored of going to the same wedding week in, week out? Well you’re not the only one. Which is why you should be thinking about a beautiful destination. Call us biased but we think that Portugal is pretty hard to beat.

Top 5 wedding trends for 2017

Engage your guests

Weddings are getting less formal every year, with people looking for new and exciting ways to engage their guests and make them feel comfortable. Expect some fun new developments in 2017 – fire eaters, circus clowns who knows what we’ll see.

Top 5 wedding trends for 2017


In keeping with a move away from formality, rustic is the way to go. Think barns, olive groves and countryside – just without the farmyard smells.

Top 5 wedding trends for 2017

Big entrances

Walking down the aisle looking incredible is one thing, choppering in or skydiving is a whole different ball game. Get your guests attention for a memorable wedding.

Top 5 wedding trends for 2017


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