Why choose a springtime wedding in Portugal?

You could argue that Portugal is at its best in the springtime. The warmest and sunniest country in Western Europe bursts into life after the winter rains, with wild flower blooms and greenery creating a stunning colour palette.

Spring wedding in Portugal image by Paolo Valdivieso

And what better place to enjoy it than along the rugged Atlantic coast or in the sun-kissed Algarve? As temperatures rise and sunlight hours extend, it’s the perfect place for a spring wedding.

Spring wedding in Portugal

It’s warm enough to enjoy the outside – even to hit the beach – but cooler than the scorching summer sun. The rainy season has restored the brilliant greens to the vegetation and the wild flower blooms provide a colourful inspiration for your wedding.

Spring wedding in Portugal image by dronepicr

Dazzling colours carpet the landscape, the fruit and nut trees are in blossom, with incredible fragrances all around. And the light of a spring time evening is a joy to behold.

Spring wedding in Portugal


Of course, you can also make the most of Portugal’s year round wedding appeal. Incredible wines, stunning cuisine and a choice of unforgettable wedding venues combine to create a perfect place to tie the knot.

Spring wedding in Portugal

The summer, autumn and even the winter in Portugal all have their advantages, but a spring time wedding is hard to beat.


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