How to plan a fun wedding

Weddings should be lots of things: romantic, pretty, emotional, heart-warming, stylish, delicious. But most of all, they should be fun.

How to plan a fun wedding

Yet read the wedding magazines and there’s plenty of advice on how to achieve all of the former but very little on how to make your big day fun.

When you plan any other party, the main consideration is making sure people have a good time. So why, when it comes to your wedding, are you more obsessed with places settings and centrepieces?

How to plan a fun wedding

Sure they add to the overall effect, but people are less likely to remember these than they are a cracking night spent laughing, dancing, drinking, reconnecting and even making new friends.

Your wedding is about bringing everyone you love together and making sure they have the best time with you as possible.

How to plan a fun wedding

So here are a few tips on how to do it:

Make sure people know what’s coming

Guests who turn up over or underdressed can get miffed. It’s only fair they know the big plans for the day – little surprises are fine – especially involving weather.

How to plan a fun wedding

Feed and water them – regularly

No one likes standing around hungry or desperate for a glass of bubbly. You can never have too much food or booze at a wedding. Fact.

How to plan a fun wedding

Something for everyone

Not everybody likes drinking and dancing ‘til dawn, so provide plenty of options. Separate your spaces and let people make their own decisions about where they hang out.

How to plan a fun wedding

Get people emotionally invested

As we mentioned above, people are more likely to remember a beautiful speech than a beautiful cake. Go for the heartstrings, involve them in your ceremony and watch the good times roll.

How to plan a fun wedding



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