What your centrepieces say about you?

If you think about it, people will probably spend more time looking at the centrepieces at your wedding than they will at you. Obviously, you’ll look radiant and stunning but all that time your guests are eating and drinking at their tables, the centrepieces will be right in front of their noses.

So, it’s important you get them right and that they project the image of your wedding you want them to. With this in mind, we’ve created this short guide to the different styles of centrepiece that speak volumes about your wedding.

The rustic

Rustic wedding centerpieces

Perfect for autumnal or outdoor weddings. Think Portuguese vineyard or refurbished barn venue. The mixed textures and loose structure says that you’re carefree, in touch with the environment and value the beauty of nature.

The classic

Classic wedding centerpieces

You love the timeless colours and feel of a wedding decoration. The formal aspect of the day appeals to you, with simplistic charm and classic designs a must for your special day. Medium to small arrangements using the classic flowers like roses and tulips are best.

The modern

Modern wedding centerpieces

Perfect for contemporary wedding spaces, like galleries, giving off a trendy and up to date feel. You like to stay current, making sure you’re at the cutting edge. It also gives you scope to experiment and create a centrepiece all of your own. Think exotic flowers, little greenery, and bold lines and shapes.

The glamorous

Glamorous wedding centerpiece

Go big or go home. This is about creating a bold impression. Think huge flowers, bright colours and regal vibes. This is a wedding that wants to be noticed. Large flowers and cascading shapes are best, with multiple colours the key.

The vintage

Vintage wedding centrpiece

Sleek and chic, you’re a style guru who likes to be different. Think upcycled props alongside flowers, low vases and classy colours.


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