Top wedding trends for 2016

A new year always brings new ideas, and 2016 is set to be a big one for weddings here in Portugal. With that in mind we thought we’d bring you our top ten wedding trends to watch in 2016.

Metallic colour palette (rose, gold and copper)

Metallics are very versatile, working with a broad range of colours. They also add to the celebratory theme of weddings and can be incorporated across materials, foods and decorations.

Top wedding trends for 2016

Bold Lighting

Subtle is so 2015. This year it’s all about big, bold, statement lighting. Think chandeliers and pendant lamps with chic Edison bulbs.

Top wedding trends for 2016

Loose organic flowers

Why spend all that time arranging? Let the flowers do the talking, with some freshly picked, organic flowers scattered around or bunched for the natural look.

Top wedding trends for 2016

Creative seating plans

Top tables and round group tables always have the air of a business conference lunch and your wedding should be anything but. Experiment with large lined tables of intimate smaller tables around a central hub.

Top wedding trends for 2016


Pick a pattern and design your wedding theme around it. You’ll be amazed how much your choice of pattern will chime with your personality and just what you can do with it throughout the venue.

Top wedding trends for 2016

Pre-ceremony cocktails

Why wait until after the ceremony to get your guests in a good mood? It’s supposed to be a celebration after all, right? A cocktail or two before the formalities will loosen everyone up and create a livelier atmosphere.

Top wedding trends for 2016

Vintage inspired engagement rings

It may be 2016 but vintage is always hot. Heirlooms and vintage jewellery is set to be big in 2016.

Top wedding trends for 2016Top wedding trends for 2016

Two piece wedding dresses/wedding dress separates

The wedding day is a fluid and changing event, which means just one dress isn’t always suitable for the whole day. That’s why brides are increasingly choosing two or more pieces, with removable sections so they can look stunning and still hit the dance floor.

Top wedding trends for 2016

Calligraphy everywhere

Handwritten calligraphy will give your wedding that unique and chic hand made look, personal and individual to you. Much better than poorly printed Times New Roman invitations.

Top wedding trends for 2016

Multiple music options

The wedding disco died sometime in the mid 90s and wedding bands were everywhere in 2015. So why not mix and match your music options – with a string quartet for the ceremony, DJ for later or a country and western line dancing act for the after party (ok, maybe not the last one). But a jazz band or swing act would certainly fit the bill for later in the evening.

Top wedding trends for 2016


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