What is a wedding planner, anyway?

A wedding planner is many different things all at the same time. I’ve found that I have to be 50% mother, 50% best friend, 50% style guru, and 100% organised – all at the same time. I know what you’re thinking, that shouldn’t add up, but somehow it seems to work.

Silvia Interlenghi Wedding PLanner

I think if you really love doing something, you can make it happen. Even if it seems like it’s too much to take on. That’s how I look at my role as a wedding planner. It’s all about being there and offering the full service. Whether that’s laying down the law with a troublesome caterer, choosing design patterns for the place settings or telling the bride that she looks stunning on the big day.

Silvia Interlenghi Wedding Planner

I’m not like a photographer who comes in to do one job, takes care of business and then leaves. I’m there to deal with every little thing that arises, big or small – some of which are expected, some of which aren’t. But all of which need to be taken care of so that the day runs smoothly. And all this happens while I’m reassuring the happy couple that everything is going to plan and making sure they enjoy themselves.

Silvia Interlenghi Wedding Planner

That’s the very least of expected of me but I always try and give that little bit more. A wedding can be a stressful experience. It’s not the biggest day of your life for nothing. And it’s my job to make sure it’s all a huge success, ensuring you have the wedding day you’ve always dreamed about.

Silvia Interlenghi Wedding Planner

If you’d like to know more about exactly what I do, then get in touch with me Silvia Interlenghi wedding planner. I’ll be more than happy to discuss the planning possibilities for best day of your life.

Silvia Interlenghi Wedding Planner


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