The best iconic wedding dresses

From princesses to pop stars, some brides just seem to be able to capture the zeitgeist, setting new standards for beauty, elegance and style. Some are much anticipated, others come completely out of the blue from unexpected quarters.

Taken from a list of Vogue’s 25 iconic wedding dresses, here at The Wedding Portugal we’ve selected our favourites.

Grace Kelly by Helen Rose

Iconic wedding dresses - Grace Kelly

Princess Charlene of Monaco designed by Giorgio Armani

Iconic wedding dresses - Princess Charlene of Monaco

Jacqueline Kennedy by Anne Lowe

Iconic wedding dresses - Jacqueline Kennedy

Anne Hathaway by Valentino

Iconic wedding dresses - Anne Hathaway

Elizabeth Taylor by Helen Rose

Iconic wedding dresses - Elizabeth taylor

Bianca Jagger by Tommy Nutter

Iconic wedding dresses - Bianca Jagger

The Duchess of Cambridge by Alexander McQueen

Iconic wedding dresses - The Duchess of Cambridge

Wallis Simpson

Iconic wedding dresses - Wallis Simpson

Kate Moss by John Galliano

Iconic wedding dresses - Kate Moss

Gene Tierney by Oleg Cassini

Iconic wedding dresses - Gene Tierney

Audrey Hepburn by Pierre Balmain

Iconic wedding dresses - Audrey Hepburn

Mia Farrow

Iconic wedding dresses - Mia Farrow

Ava Gardner

Iconic wedding dresses - Ava Gardner

As you can see, they are all iconic in their own different ways, both reflecting and defining the eras from which they come.

Now imagine teaming up an iconic dress of your own with a stunning Portuguese wedding venue and you’re on track for having an unforgettably glamours wedding day of your own.


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