Do me a favour?

Wedding favours should never be expected by guests (after all, your hosts are paying for you to eat and drink all day in beautiful surroundings) but providing those you love enough to invite with a little gift is a classy way to say ‘thanks for coming’.

Wedding favours don’t have to be huge or expensive, with even little, well thought out favours having a big impact.

Here’s a run through of some of our favourite favours for the perfect Portuguese wedding. Some of these have special relevance to this beautiful country, reflecting a national icon, tradition of style. Others are just lovely touches.

Love in a glass – a special home made jam, chutney or sweet using Portugal’s incredible natural produce. Or whatever you want to out in really.

Portuguese wedding favours

Personalised biscuit with Portuguese tile design. Everyone loves Portuguese tiles.

Portuguese wedding favours

Cookies with names and wedding dates inscribed

Portuguese wedding favours

Handmade notebooks with Portuguese tile design. What did we say about tiles?

Portuguese wedding favours

Portuguese flor de sal (one of our favourites) with a meesage attached as an ode to the saltwater – perfect for seaside weddings on Portugal’s beautiful coastline

Portuguese wedding favours

A typical Portuguese favour is a lenços dos namorados – a typical embroidery from the north that girls would give to their loved ones

Portuguese wedding favours

A CD of music including the couples favourite songs

Portuguese wedding favours

The classic sardine – in chocolate form. Or you could go for the real ones too. But they’re harder to nible on after dinner.

Portuguese wedding favours

So, there you have some wedding favour ideas, including some Portuguese favourites. What better way to say a little thank you to your guests for being such a big part of your special day?


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