Don’t tell the bride – Our wedding flower secret

Want to make a big impact with the flowers at your wedding but don’t quite have the budget to match? Well, because we’re feeling extra nice today, we’re going to let you in on a little secret.

Wedding flower secrets - Hydrangeas

It’s hydrangeas.

Wedding flower secrets - Hydrangeas

Ok, so that’s not exactly the world’s best kept secret. Most people are well aware of hydrangeas but we think they have incredible wedding potential. And here’s why…

Wedding flower secrets - Hydrangeas

These spherical flowers are durable, long lasting and come in a wide range of colours, from natural and neutral shades to bold and vibrant colours. So, whatever colour scheme you’re going for, you can find hydrangeas to match.

Wedding flower secrets - Hydrangeas

Secondly, they grow everywhere here in Portugal, and they get BIG. So, that means they are in plentiful supply which both cuts down on costs and keeps things nice and green too.

Wedding flower secrets - Hydrangeas

From centrepieces to bouquets, hydrangeas are big impact flowers. They don’t really do subtle but they do impact better than almost any other flower. Which is how you can create bold, impressive and eye catching wedding displays.

Wedding flower secrets - Hydrangeas

Wedding flower secrets - Hydrangeas

Now you know our wedding flower secret, Just promise you won’t tell too many people.


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