Discover Portugal – a land of remarkable wedding destinations

Perched out on the western, Atlantic edge of Europe, Portugal can often get overlooked in favour of its more prominent cousins Spain and France. But therein lies the country’s secret. Portugal is home to some of the most beautiful scenery, stunning whitewashed towns and breathtaking coastline, and a lot of it remains virtually undiscovered.

The Wedding Portugal

It’s almost as if Portugal is so confident in its own beauty it feels no real need to shout about it. It sits there, safe in the knowledge that all who visit will fall in love at first glance.

The main draw is obviously the capital, Lisbon. Once the centre of a mighty global empire, Lisbon wears its history with pride. Gorgeous palaces, elegant boulevards, and colourful barrios jostle for attention, and it’s all just a stone’s throw from the beach.

In the north, The UNESCO World Heritage Site of downtown Porto sits opposite the port cellars that house perhaps the country’s most famous export. All around these two gems lie miles of quietly spectacular countryside. From the rolling farmland of Alentejo to the mountainous Serra de Estrela and Silver Coast, Portugal never disappoints.

With such a vast selection of stunning destinations, plus magical venues that include mountain top villages, olive groves, golden beaches and chic palaces it’s a unique and extraordinary place for a wedding. As if this wasn’t enough, Portugal also happens to be one of the most affordable countries in Europe, meaning your budget goes a lot further here than elsewhere.

It’s not surprising that so many people who come here not knowing what to expect end up staying or at least coming back time after time. Portugal’s enchanting and unobtrusive beauty is capable of bewitching visitors, it certainly worked on us here at The Wedding Portugal.

Have a look through the site to discover the many stunning venues and destinations where you can get married in Portugal.


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